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2nd TIAO workshop “Business Without Barriers” participants about “Identifying & sharing Success Stories”

September 24, 2019

We continue to present participants’ views about 2nd TIAO workshop panel discussion. This time Junior Project Manager Internationaal Ondernemen & Jong Voka at VOKA Flanders – Astrid Demeulenaere and Business Development Manager at Franco British Chamber of Commerce – Nathalie Kennedy share their thoughts on identifying members’ needs and converting them into opportunities.

Astrid Demeulenaere | Junior Projectmanager Internationaal Ondernemen & Jong Voka at VOKA Flanders


“As Voka-Flanders’, we have a few international companies on our CONNECTS platform that we met during business meetings abroad. To us, this was more of a trial and error story, which turned out to be a fantastic story as that person has truly taken this opportunity for his benefit. What we did for this? He briefely asked me at the start how I could help him, I only mentioned to be clear in the description of his ‘opportunity’: who are you looking to connect with, what are you looking for/ offering. The rest was all him and CONNECTS platform.”


Nathalie Kennedy | Business Development Manager at Franco British Chamber of Commerce

Why does the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry and myself think it is important to take part in the panel discussionIdentifying & Sharing Success Stories’?

As the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a fully integrated member of CONNECTS, we believe strongly in the CONNECTS platform which:

  • Enables us to share experiences with other Chambers of Commerce on an international level.
  • CONNECTS is a valuable additional service we can offer to our members.
  • As a digital platform, it gives us a modern outlook and demonstrates that we are adapting to the digital age.
  • As Head of Business Development at the Chamber, this panel discussion is an opportunity to share experiences with the platform and hear about success stories.

Arelance case study: Arelance, a Spanish based IT company approached us via CONNECTS looking for contacts and decided to become a full-time member of the Chamber.  We welcomed them to the Chamber and hosted a breakfast meeting with our members on how to expand a business on the Web.


The second TIAO strategy workshop will be held this year on 26 & 27 of September at the spectacular Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe. Founders of TIAO launched the CONNECTS platform with a mission to digitalise and interconnect all Chambers of Commerce in the world. Currently, there are 27 Chambers of Commerce from 23 different countries on this business matchmaking platform.


The purpose of this workshop is to position Chambers as the Gateway to Business Development for the 21st century entrepreneur. In addition, to support chambers’ moderators in fully leveraging the CONNECTS platform to serve their members and working better together as an international Chamber network. The last, but not least to engage and motivate all workshop participants (more than 40 confirmed) from across the globe by connecting with and learning from each other.



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