2nd TIAO workshop “Business Without Barriers” programme

September 3, 2019

The second TIAO strategy workshop will be held this year on 26 & 27 of September at the historic Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe. Founders of TIAO launched the CONNECTS platform with a mission to digitalise and interconnect all Chambers of Commerce in the world. Currently, there are 27 Chambers of Commerce from 23 different countries on this business matchmaking platform.

The purpose of this workshop is to position Chambers as the Gateway to Business Development for the 21st century entrepreneur. The workshop will also feature practical measures to support chambers’ moderators in fully leveraging the Connects platform to serve their members and working better together as an international Chamber network. Last, but not least to engage and motivate all workshop participants (more than 40 confirmed) from across the globe by connecting with and learning from each other.


Thursday, September 26th

12:00 Arrival & sandwiches

13:00 Welcome

13:10 Getting to know and Learning from each other

15:00 Break

15:30 continued

16:30 Vision, Mission, Strategy & Governance of Connects

17:30 Break

18:00 Cocktail reception

19:00 Walking dinner

Friday, September 27th

09:00 Connects ‘Code For Growth’ and ‘Value Questions’; Context ‘linking Chamber objectives with Connects objectives’

09:10 Identifying Member Needs and converting them into Opportunities

10:00 Matching Published Opportunities with Member’s Needs

10:50 Break

11:10 Converting Free Trials (Member leads) into Chamber members

12:00 Identifying & sharing Success Stories

12:40 Wrap up session and Close of the Workshop

13:00 Sandwich lunch

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