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Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce

January 20, 2020

We’re enthusiast and honoured to announce that now more than ever CONNECTS is a global platform! With our new member, the Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI), we start 2020 with a bang! This is a great milestone, as this is truly what our brand stands for #BusinessWithoutBarriers!

Besides women’s political, social and cultural participation and rights, women’s economic participation is also crucial and a key element to the development of every society. The AWCCI, first established in 2013 as Leading Entrepreneurs for Afghanistan’s Development (LEAD) and changed after to Afghan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2017, is the first entity to establish a voice for businesswomen and advocate for their interests.

Most Afghan women running small and medium-sized enterprises have enormous difficulties penetrating international markets, because of trust and safe entrepreneurship is not always obvious. The main goals for AWCCI and the head of the organisation Manizha Wafeq, are to support and boost the sales of these women-owned businesses and help them reach their true potential locally as well as to solidify and empower the position of SMEs in challenging new global markets.

This is a great example of female entrepreneurs taking the lead and showing how talented and resourceful women entrepreneurs and business owners can be! By doing this, they are true pioneers and engineers in their communities, breaking down stereotypes of what a women’s place in society should be and serving as role models.

AWCCI works to meaningfully represent, advance, and secure Afghan women’s economic interests (both nationally and internationally).  With our current 35 networks worldwide, they aim to create a viable business/work environment in the private sector of Afghanistan for women in order to participate and contribute to the economic development of Afghanistan. AWCCI is our first member of the “Heart of Asia” community!

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