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Great Online Business for Barranquilla Chamber Members

April 5, 2022

Are you interested in doing business in Colombia? Then you’ll be interested to read about some members of the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce and how they have been doing. In this article, you will learn more about the successful business connection between Enterlock and the Navas Pardo Battalion, how Belgian entrepreneurs can start doing business with Barranquilla Chamber members, how Online Business Platforms can help, and why you might want to consider using the services of an International Trade Law Firm.

The Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce posted an opportunity on CONNECTS on behalf of the Navas Pardo Battalion. The Navas Pardo Battalion was looking for a company that could provide them with gymnastic uniforms for their soldiers. Enterlock, a protective gear provider, soon expressed interest in the opportunity, in the prospect of a future collaboration.

Enterlock, a member of the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce, offers solutions that protect workers’ lives and their assets. Their fireproof and industrial equipment are made to save lives and work in extreme working conditions, being subjected to the highest international standards. With their Satellite Tracking area, they help workers have control over their vehicles.

They are specialists in Fireproof Endowment and Satellite Tracking. They also offer other business endowment products, school uniforms, uniforms for all business sectors of health, industrial and EPP.

Members of the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce are doing great business

The Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla is one of our most active networks, with hundreds of members and opportunities to do business through CONNECTS.

The Barranquilla Chamber o and the businesspeople who are part of it have been the engine of regional development and a pool of knowledge for other civic and business institutions. The Chamber has now been around for over a hundred years.

The Chamber has modern headquarters and service points in Barranquilla, Soledad and Sabanalarga. From each of these points, the Camara de Comercio de Barranquilla offers its services using cutting-edge technology. 

If you are interested in learning more about it, have a read of our article about the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce.

If you are doing business in Colombia and you want to grow your professional network, joining the Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla is a fantastic way of doing so.

How Belgian and Colombian entrepreneurs can do business together

The easiest way for Belgian and Colombian entrepreneurs to do business together post-COVID-19 is online. Indeed, using an Online Business Platform can help you further develop your business activities.

For Belgian entrepreneurs, there are three Belgian Chambers of Commerce: Voka, BECI and CCI Wallonie. These are vital for entrepreneurs wanting to do business abroad and in Colombia, as these three Chambers make it easier for members to interact and make business connections with Barranquilla Chamber members.

Voka, the Flemish Network of Companies, is the largest entrepreneurial network in Flanders. It represents the interests of companies up to the highest level.

It was created in January 2004, when the Flemish Economic Association and the eight regional Chambers of Commerce in Flanders decided to cooperate as part of an alliance.

Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry (BECI) is a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIB) and the Union of Companies (UEB) in Brussels. BECI’s roots go back to 1703, when the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded.

It represents two-thirds of employment in Brussels and more than 35.000 businesses.

The Walloon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Wallonie) brings together the five Walloon Chambers of Commerce. It is their only representative.

CCI Wallonie organises the Walloon network of business services. It ensures the delivery of its members’ projects.The Chamber of Commerce represents 6,000 companies and has 68 employees.

How Using an Online Business Platform Can Improve Your International Trading Activities

One of the most important ways in which businesspeople can grow their business is by using a global business platform. 

Doing so means they can discover new partners and customers in regions which might not have been open to them before. It might also help them find partners and clients which are more relevant or reliable.

Using a global business platform is especially relevant for companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses have been put under a huge amount of operational and financial pressure.

To learn more, read our article about Online Business Platforms and how CONNECTS, our online business matchmaking platform, can help your business grow.

How International Trade Law Firms Can Help Your Business

International trade is all about goods and services getting from one country to another.

The work of international trade lawyers is split between two main areas: the application of domestic law to international trade, and treaty-based international law governing trade flows. 

Lawyers advise on the implementation of these international and domestic regulations, and support clients in disputes related to the non-respect of these rules.

If you are considering international trade as part of your business operations, going by an International Trade Law Firms and seeking their advice is the best solution to ensure successful business and compliance with international legislation.

Have a read of our article about International Trade Law Firms to learn more.

Advantages of joining CONNECTS 

CONNECTS is a global online business networking platform that allows you to find new leads, businesses, clients, partners and suppliers from wherever you are.

We work with Chambers of Commerce to ensure that each member on our platform is reliable and trustworthy. Indeed, all our members have been vetted and approved by a local Chamber of Commerce. They all adhere to the high standards set by the Chambers.

You can access millions of companies around the world and will have a designated Chamber moderator to accompany you all along the way. You will also be able to create and respond to an unlimited amount of business opportunities. 

What’s more, CONNECTS is completely private. We do not share your data, there are no third parties within the platform, and all emails are hidden.

Have a read of the other success stories of members using CONNECTS. 

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