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Belgo-Perú Chamber of Commerce is the 28th Chamber to join CONNECTS community

October 9, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Belgo-Perú Chamber of Commerce has officially joined our safe and trusted network on CONNECTS. The Belgo-Perú Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit corporation, set up in Brussels in 2014, under the Belgian law (ASBL – VZW). The Chamber was created in the need for Belgian companies to have a Peruvian representative for SMEs in Belgium. It is a business platform that offers business opportunities between Perú and Belgium and serves as an intermediary between companies and official bodies for which we have an important network in both countries. Its mission is to develop trading, financial, academic, scientific and cultural relations between companies, associations and individuals in Belgium and Perú. They want to become one of the main connectors between Belgian and Peruvian companies by an active participation in the promotion of Belgian companies in Peru, as well as Peruvian brands in Europe.

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