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British Chamber in Belgium: 100 Years Supporting Amazing Businesses

July 4, 2022

About The BCCB

The British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium is a not-for-profit serving its members by facilitating business in Belgium and engaging with the European Commission, EU and its decision making.

The chamber has been serving the international business community for over 100 years. They are committed to the long term, continuing to be the ultimate Gateway to Europe.

The members of the British Chamber of Commerce are small to large businesses from Britain and across the world. They all have a stake in the success of Europe and its economy. The members employ 1.2m people in the UK alone. They have at least as many again in the rest of Europe.

They are a trusted partner to those already established in Belgium or looking to grow their business here and across Europe.

The British Chamber of Commerce believes in openness, inclusion and entrepreneurialism.

They are here to serve, facilitate and advise. They encourage members to connect, engage and belong to the Essential European Network.


You can find the British Chamber of Commerce offices at 11 Boulevard Bischoffsheim, 1000 Brussels.

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Dan Dalton is the Chief Executive Officer at the British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium.

Previously, Dan was elected as the Conservative MEP for the West Midlands in January 2015 and stayed in that role until July 2019. He was the ECR Coordinator for the Internal Market Committee, and also served on the Civil Liberties Committee, which allowed him to work directly on breaking down the barriers to trade across Europe, something vitally important for helping British business.

Dan played many matches for Warwickshire County Cricket Club 2nd XI and for the cricket board. Afterwards, he worked on the club’s and county board’s youth development system. Dan is still a passionate cricket fan.

Tom Parker is the President. Tom is a well-known figure in the Brussels government relations and public affairs community. In a career spanning two decades, he has worked with organisations across a wide range of sectors, counselling on EU affairs and pan–European advocacy campaigns.  Tom has also worked on some of Europe’s highest-profile reputational challenges and provides counsel on issues management and crisis communication at European and global levels.

Tom is an active member of the British business community in Brussels and is a regular commentator on lobbying practice and the future of the advocacy profession.


The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium offers a range of services for its members:

  • Business Training Programme: The chamber’s programme of half-day training sessions provides a regular source of practical learning in the areas of leadership development, communication and business management. The training courses are developed and delivered in English by members and business leaders. Each session has limited seats available to ensure an impactful learning outcome for all participants.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: The British Chamber of Commerce believes that Europe’s future success depends on being #Open4Business. That means being open to people and talent, open to ideas and innovation – and open to trade and cooperation agreements. Members can support by contributing to the #Open4Business Initiative, enabling the Chamber to organise events and campaigns that drive forward their agenda across activities. The #Open4Business Initiative can contribute to any part of the chamber activities including EU policy, UK-EU relations and practical support and advice on doing business.
  • Establishing your presence in Belgium – Virtual Office: The virtual office is perfect for organisations of all sizes wanting to establish a business presence in Brussels. It includes: a local business telephone number, auto-forwarding of incoming calls, mail forwarding service, central Brussels location as your business address on corporate material and correspondence, and more.
  • Room Hire: Meeting rooms are available for hire individually or as a combined solution to your needs. The British Chamber of Commerce can accommodate anything from a private (2 person) business meeting to a fully catered event for up to a maximum of 80. All facilities are fully equipped for all your audio-visual needs.

How to join

Membership of the British Chamber is open to all international companies with an interest in international trade and business and the British Chamber of Commerce’s alignment and deep connection to the UK business community in Belgium and across the UK.

Members range from SMEs to large companies from the international business community in Belgium and the UK, who collectively employ over 2M people.

To join, you need to fill out a form which you can find here. You can also join CONNECTS via the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium. 

Key contact

Your key contact and CONNECTS moderator for the British Chamber of Commerce is Benjamin Lawler.


The British Chamber of Commerce EU | Belgium joined CONNECTS in November 2016.

CONNECTS is an online service designed to help member companies to grow their businesses through easy access to contacts in new markets.

CONNECTS uses advanced B2B matchmaking to help find the right strategic partners for your business. It is a simple and effective platform to create a secure overseas network to help your business grow. 

Not only can you grow your overseas presence and network, but with CONNECTS you will also gain access to businesses within the U.K, aiding you in setting up connections and strategic partnerships.

There are plenty of different networks on CONNECTS that you can access as a member, and the list is always growing. Check them out here.

We also have a range of partners whom we are in constant communication with to improve the platform.


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