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Brilliant Business and Networking Events in 2022

July 4, 2022

Business and networking events are opportunities that entrepreneurs have to exploit in order to build a strong business environment and to improve “how to be a successful entrepreneur”.

In this article learn more about how, what and why networking events are important for entrepreneurs. 

What are business and networking events? 

Capable entrepreneurs have been using their ability to learn from other executives that can even be more successful. This allows them to put into practice the best business actions and grow the business. 

Networking events are events with the aim to gather and engage people and build solid and worthy relationships. The type of attendees is what makes the difference between networking events and non-networking events (like New Year’s Eve). In these events, usually, the attendees do not intend to establish a professional network. 

Business and networking events are the link to build connections, opportunities and business partnerships for entrepreneurs. They can reach possible clients and expand their business. 

Networking events can be organised in a variety of ways: 

  • In-person: entrepreneurs have to attend in person.
  • Online: entrepreneurs usually have to use a tool to join. They can be wherever in the world.
  • Hybrid: entrepreneurs can go there in person or join online.

Why do B2B networking events matter for entrepreneurs?

In order to understand why business events matter for entrepreneurs, they need to be aware of:

  • The benefits of that specific event
  • How, thanks to that event, entrepreneurs can increase sales
  • How they can promote their brand awareness

Professional networking events can be summits, seminars, professional associations, networking groups or webinars. Whatever the form is, networking events are great opportunities for entrepreneurs to strengthen their business relationships and build new business contacts. 

They can meet career-open-minded people from all sectors and industries with great ideas that they can use for their successful businesses. 

Networking events matter since they are crucial for business success. 

Online or physical networking events can have different outcomes, even though both are really important. Online networking events allow entrepreneurs to stay in their office and join interviews, webinars, trade fairs and conferences. They can meet business people from every corner of the globe. The only tool you need is a laptop and access to the Internet.

In-person type networking events enable to build more personal and stronger relationships with other entrepreneurs. The emphasis with which entrepreneurs talk about their business can immediately enable them to find more opportunities. 

10 types of B2B networking events  

Despite the fact that the expression “networking events” can be scary, it can bring a lot of ideas to boost your business. The most important thing is that depending on the goals, entrepreneurs need to choose which event to join.

Career fairs

Career fairs are not only the ones we used to attend during college. In order to fill vacancies, companies are also partnering with job search sites, brands, and organizations to host online career fairs. They can be PowerToFly, Argent or Watermark.

These events are the ones you must join if you are actively looking for a job. You know immediately the company’s goals and which roles they need. 

At these events, it is usually asked to submit a CV or a resume. You can also present yourself and ask questions about the company and the role. Sometimes, you can also be invited straight away to the job interview. 

Speed networking

As the name suggests, speed networking events consist of speaking with someone for a fixed and short amount of time. At the end of each short session, you move on to the next. During this short chat, you will want to share some useful pieces of information about your business and your business card. 

Speed networking events can be in-person or online.

At some events, organizers want to match entrepreneurs in advance, to make sure they match people with something in common to share. 

Alumni networking groups

The aim of alumni networking events is to informally meet around a common interest at a restaurant with colleges. 

The advantage of these types of events is that the “attendees” have already something in common since they already know each other. In addition, these meetings can lead to connecting with someone who works for the company you want to apply to. Additionally, you can meet a local entrepreneur who needs a consultant or informational interviews.

During these meetings, you have to be ready to talk about your career and your job as soon as it fits within the conversation. 

However, have in mind that these networking events are informal. Do not exaggerate to talk about it in order not to be considered self-serving.  

Industry-specific speaking engagements

No matter the field you are working in, there are always people from other areas you can learn from. Industry-specific networking events are events in which speakers speak about a topic related to that industry. 

Entrepreneurs can benefit from these events since they are guaranteed to be in line with their work. 

Another advantage of industry-specific networking events is that entrepreneurs can meet their peers in their industry. They can learn more about what their similars are doing, exchange Linkedin profiles and business cards for job and business opportunities. 

Even though these events are mainly online, entrepreneurs can still connect with each other on Linkedin and learn from others’ knowledge and expertise. 

Roundtable discussions   

These kinds of networking events are aimed to increase knowledge by talking to peers. 

Roundtables discussions usually consist of open forums that bring creative ideas and lead to new directions. Groups are often made up of few people since participation is expected. In addition, the organizers might select who to invite in order to make sure that the attendees have shared interests and goals. 

 Professional conferences or work summit

These networking events are often large occasions of networking opportunities. Professional conferences or work summits are events with thousands of people. For one or two days you have the possibility to attend a variety of events around different topics. 

Conferences are usually more expensive so it is better to check in advance the ones that match your interests and it is worth paying. You will be meeting lots of people, do not forget your business cards!

Webinars or workshops

Webinars and workshops are great networking events as well. People join webinars and workshops since they want to know more about the topic or the speaker. Additionally, you can meet the other attendees at these events. 

If you are nervous and scared about networking, workshops are the networking events perfect for you. In fact, the focus is not on meeting people, unless it spontaneously happens.  

College or university lectures

If you live close to a university or a college, do not miss the opportunity to join their events, especially the ones about your industry. 

Universities and colleges events see usually the participation of leaders and experts in the field and they are usually free. Last but not least they are happening online.

Happy hour networking meetups

Happy hours are more relaxed types of networking events. The atmosphere is informal and casual and approaching strangers is a more easy-going process. 

Drinks and appetizers are usually served during the happy hour. In the meanwhile, guests move from group to group for short chats. Probably the host will welcome people with a short speech about the aim of the event. 

Company-specific informational interviews

With the hope of finding potential candidates, companies are converting into informal informational interviews online. 

Company-specific informational interviews are networking events in which participants can video chat or type with internal employees for a few minutes before moving to the next virtual room. 

These events allow you to learn about the company or the industry and they make you known to companies and to potential employers.

The top 12 online networking events for businesses in 2022

During these tough days, online networking events have become everyday life and the best option to face sudden restrictions. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, online networking events are blossoming. Entrepreneurs and business people need to be aware of which events to attend and which ones are a waste of time.

Every.Black Entrepreneur International Masterminds

Visual of monday networking event

Price: free

When: every Monday at 8:00 a.m. EST

This is one of the best networking events for entrepreneurs of small companies. In Every.Black Entrepreneur International Masterminds inspiring speakers talk about books, insights on business entrepreneurship and their view about entrepreneurship. 

They also have a membership, in which you can find TV shows and podcasts on entrepreneurship available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Roku.


Visual of online networking event

Price: starts at £20

When: different dates per month

IWant2Network aims to assist and grow your business and career in an enjoyable but professional atmosphere. It is all about building relationships. These networking events are addressed to company entrepreneurs.

They have been operating in networking events since 2007 and they have hosted 66 events so far. 

The Rebellious Business Network

Visual of networking events during covid

Price: free

When: every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. BST

The Rebellious Business Network events consist of valuable training sessions, tricks and tips to help your business grow. Every week keynote speakers and experts talk about how business can be more seen and heard online.  

This network was born just after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to allow businesses to be connected during this tough time of lockdown. 


Visual of global networking event

Price: membership £39 per month

When: different dates per month

These networking events are addressed to business owners who can join a group chat to listen, to talk or to learn. O.N.L.E meetings are starting points for building relationships. 

Their motto is “We’re the business network for people who like people”. They want to create and build business relationships. They also want to remove barriers in order to facilitate the creation of these relationships. With online networking events, they allow people to meet in a global environment and reduce their impact on the environment.

The Three Martini Lunch National Virtual Networking Event

Visual of casual networking events

Price: free

When: every Tuesday at 2 p.m. EST

The Three Martini Lunch National Virtual Networking Event is an online event. Entrepreneurs can meet new people, network digitally and establish connections in a more easy-going atmosphere.

The event is published by Rockstar Connect, a company that wants to ease business networking events for their communities. The hosts are enhanced as well. 

MPWR Networking

Visual of businesswomen networking events

Price: from £6.98

When: twice per month

MPWR Networking is addressed to businesswomen who are running their business impressively, or to those who are just starting a business. If you are experiencing a minor crisis, you can join these networking events where you can find people who help you out. 

They have been making solid connections with their professional community which is made up of entrepreneurs, executives and professionals who find building meaningful connections important.

WoW members monthly meeting

Visual of business networking events for women

Price: free

When: every first Wednesday of the month

As the name suggests, WoW members monthly meeting is organised monthly for businesswomen, people interested in wearable technology and those who want to provide a platform for the growth of women. It is an online meeting in which you can share your experience, meet and connect with other peers. 

Headquartered in London and with more than 20,000 members from all around the world, this movement has now become global. It supports its community with educational programs, events, mentorships and collaborations with local partners.

Female Business Collective

Visual of female entrepreneurs

Price: £6

When: every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. BST

These networking events are one of the leading events for female entrepreneurs. Female Business Collective meetings allow women entrepreneurs of a variety of industries to present their businesses. They also discuss any help they can need in that specific period.

Unpretentious Networking

Visual of networking events on Wednesday

Price: free

When: every Wednesday at 10 a.m. BST

It is just one hour a week in which you have the possibility to:

  • promote your business
  • build relationships that last in the long term and connections
  • help one another with referrals and collaborations.

Unpretentious Networking is addressed to entrepreneurs from all industries and is one of the most inspiring networking events. 

Network After Work Virtual Networking

Visual of networking events on zoom

Price: $0 – $99

When: it varies based on the location 

Network After Work Virtual Networking is a series of networking events. Entrepreneurs and professionals can join to

  • create and share ideas
  • meet people with the same goals
  • expand their network

Evolution Virtual Networking

Visual of Thursday networking event

Price: free

When: every other Thursday at 9 a.m. CET

Evolution Virtual Networking events are for small business entrepreneurs who want to learn from other business owners who share the same interests and goals and to promote their activities. In addition, there are inspiring guest speakers who share their insights on specific topics. 

These events have usually 2 formats:

  1. Attendees are split into smaller groups. Each attendee has the possibility to introduce themselves for 60 seconds. After, there is a presentation or discussion on a topic.
  2. Attendees are split into smaller groups. Each attendee has the possibility to introduce themselves for 60 seconds. After there are business topic Q&As that have been sent in advance to attendees.

How CONNECTS can help you

CONNECTS is a SaaS platform where you can find:

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On our platform, you can:

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In the platform, there are more than 50 Communities in which it is spoken about actual topics such as ESG, digital transformation and Brexit

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One new feature we added is the possibility to host networking events inside the platform. These events are attended by a wide range of industries and sizes. These events have the goal to give insights on specific business topics and allow attendees to build connections and grow their networks. 

We also host events in which you can participate: once a month we host an ESG event, with remarkable speakers from different sectors. We also have our Academy Skills events where experts help you with one aspect of your business.

Our online platform offers a completely new virtual experience. It gives the possibility to:

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To actively use the platform and join these communities, you need to become a member of the CONNECTS platform.

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