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1K+ business opportunities & NEW champion: Barranquilla Chamber!

June 16, 2020

Happy to announce that since the start of this month we have reached more than 1000 business opportunities live in our business matchmaking platform! Currently, there are almost 1050 “buy”, “sell” and “connect with” opportunities visible for all CONNECTS users and waiting for a business match. Our platform hosts 39 Chambers of Commerce from 30 different countries, with more than 22k+ users and has an average of 5000 monthly searches. For the Chamber members, this is an opportunity to transform digitally its operations with access to key business services online.

Congratulations also to Camara de Comercio de Barranquilla for being the new Champion in the B2B Business Matchmaking Platform! In May 2020, the Camara de Comercio Barranquilla managed to achieve 114 invitations through the platform, increasing their active memberships to 565 users, posted 115 business opportunities with 4633 views from all around the world CONNECTS users. With these magnificent stats, they beat the former platform champions BECI (Brussels Entreprises Commerce And Industry) with 552 active memberships and 2658 views on posted business opportunities last month).

The Chamber of commerce is located in the cosmopolitan city of Barranquilla in Colombia. Rapid urban growth and economic development have transformed the region into a tourism hub and an active business community.

The Chamber’s main missions are firstly to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Colombia. Secondly, safeguarding business interests and sharing business experiences and business interests. Other activities such as contact with governments, civil society, local media & press, and organising trade shows and/or events are also important services.

The Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce provides its services to over 72,000 companies that operate in northern Colombia and is tasked with fielding thousands of registry-related requests annually. To help support the area’s dynamic development, the Chamber is a participating member of CONNECTS. The SaaS platform is helping Chambers of commerce providing business matchmaking solutions to their members and communities. More info about the Chamber here.

Members of a Chamber of Commerce are usually international and local operating companies, such as lawyers, property developers, tourism companies, airlines, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, banks, finance companies, legal advisors, IT and electronics manufacturers etc.

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