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CCI Wallonie and Voka Members Are Doing Great Business and You?

April 7, 2022

Business Success Story

Two Belgian companies have started a fantastic partnership thanks to the moderator of CCI Wallonie, Ben Deelers, and the moderator of VOKA West Vlaanderen, Daphne Renier.

Ben and Daphne exchanged details regarding the company Russo, a member of CCI Wallonie, and the company Renson, a member of VOKA West Vlaanderen.

Following this, Renson completed their first-ever order with Russo. It was a great success that might lead the way to a great working relationship.


Russo is a bar-turning business based in Nivelles, Belgium. They supply all types of metallic and polyamide parts, whether small, medium or large. 

Russo recently relocated and they now have new modern facilities which allow them to provide impeccable quality and control.

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Renson is a Belgian family business based in Waregem. Their sole aim is to create a healthy and comfortable interior environment for their customers.

With well-designed ventilation systems, smart sun protection and solutions adapted for the outdoors, Renson aims to create comfortable and healthy living and working spaces.

Renson are part of the VOKA West Vlaanderen Chamber of Commerce. 

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What Chambers of Commerce can do for you

If you are a business based in Flanders or Wallonia, there are plenty of benefits to joining either VOKA or CCI Wallonie.

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