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“Buy”, “sell” or “connect with” the new opportunity types

March 27, 2020

It’s the end of the week, and I’m sure everyone needs rest in these challenging times and circumstances. However, before weekend CONNECTS has some good news for your business. New features have been added to the decentralized platform. With the new normality online, CONNECTS will help your business to gain more strength and will be a valuable business development tool.

First new feature: simplicity is key, therefore we simplified our opportunity types and now work with the following 3 only: “buy”, “sell” and “connect with”. This will help all platform users to order and cluster the opportunities posted.

Visual of CONNECTS platform

Also, the country list in company search is now translated into the user languages: English, Espagnol, Fench, Deutsch. If you set your dashboard in French and search for companies in let’s say Belgium, the platform will search successfully even if you type Belgique. You can also use ISO codes in the country list for company search. For example: if I’m a Spanish speaker and I put GB for Great Britain, the platform shows me automatically Reino Unido.

Last extra feature: we offer the translated country list in your company profile as well. This means every country will be written in your dashboard language when modifying your profile.

It’s important to feed our users in the best way possible. With these extra features, we hope to provide more value to our platform members. If you need support, training or you have a question regarding CONNECTS please let us know at

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