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Chamber Management Software: 7 Great Examples for Chambers

April 6, 2022

Are you part of a Chamber of Commerce and looking for a way to better manage your daily operations? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will explore what Chamber Management Software is, what it can do for you, and some examples of different ones.

By the end of your read, you will have a better understanding of which software can do what for your chamber of commerce, and how to improve your daily chamber operations to offer better service to your members.

What is it?

Chambers of commerce, like any non-profit association and group, have to regularly evaluate their operations and performance. They do so to ensure they remain relevant and a good example, not only to their members but more widely to civil society and government.

Chamber Management Software is a tool that helps organisations and Chambers operate and manage their various activities such as networking, member management and event organisation through a single platform.

This means they can save a lot of time and streamline administrative tasks and alleviate their workload. This also means they are able to assess their performance and learn best practices.

It usually includes a website builder, online contact database, online member directory, communications system, booking system, finance & payment system, event platform, and more.

Most Chamber Management Software includes functionalities like:

  • Automation of membership registrations, payments, and renewals.
  • Easy creation and updating of the Chamber website.
  • Creation and upkeep of an online business directory.
  • Member log-in to the Chamber’s website in order to access exclusive resources.
  • Coordination of newsletter and emails to board members, members, stakeholders and committees.
  • Organisation and promotion of events, including online registrations, attendance lists and payment processing.

Different examples of software that can help you

There are different software programs which provide differing services. Here are a few examples:


Visual of the Glue Up website

GlueUp provides management solutions and tools that allow users to streamline operations, improve processes, and get rid of engagement challenges. GlueUp started off as event management and marketing tool. Now, it has brought together all the main-stay tools so that events and marketing teams can run events and manage attendees.

If you are interested in learning more about their pricing, you can request a quote on their website.

Chamber Software

Visual of the Chamber Software website

Chamber Software is SAAS (Software as a Service) product. It is built to organise all the daily operations of a company. 

It offers a range of different services to its users such as posting articles, job opportunities and coupons, there is a directory of members, one can organise and advertise events and explore other users’ profiles. 

Prices start at a $3000 setup and then $300/month for chambers with less than 500 members. It then goes up to a $6000 setup and $1000/month for Chambers with more than 1500 members.

Chamber Nation

Visual of the Chamber Nation website

Chamber Nation offers automation and services for business leaders and their company members to help their communities thrive.

The original idea while developing the Chamber Nation program was to provide users with tools to help them grow their company. For businesses to buy this service, they needed software that would also manage their Chamber. 

The platform allows for the improvement of membership services, while also enabling the management of a chamber and its website with a central dashboard.

Chamber Nation starts at $99/month with a $964 initial set up.


Visual of the Chambermaster website

The ChamberMaster Member Management Software is built to orchestrate all the day to day operations of a company. People in chambers, businesses, and convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) use ChamberMaster to deal with their data and help promote and grow the communities they serve.

Some of ChamberMaster’s main features are custom reporting, integrated billing, payment processing, and events management.

ChamberMaster prices start from $149/month.

Chamber Dashboard

Visual of the Chamber Dashboard website

Chamber Dashboard is a bundle of free WordPress themes and add-ons designed to fulfil the needs of Chambers of Commerce and professional membership groups.

Many Chambers of Commerce have a straightforward set of needs for their websites. However, it can be very expensive to develop a website that fulfils these needs. The Chamber Dashboard plugin series are free, open-source plugins that any business or organisation can use to create a website that includes the following features: a business directory, CRM, a business calendar, and a membership manager.

With Chamber Dashboard, you can get a Beginner Bundle for $99. Their Starter Kit is $189.

Chamber Desk

Visual of the ChamberDesk website

ChamberDesk is an application for membership management that gets rid of duplicate data entry, automates day-to-day activities and increases small staff productivity.

ChamberDesk is constantly adding new modules. Currently, here are some of their features: member management, web content management, integrated billing, task manager, SMS marketing, and business directory.

ChamberDesk has a Starter pack for $258/month and their Premium pack goes up to $488/month, or you can get a custom offer for your enterprise.


Visual of the CC-Assist website

CC-Assist is a membership management software built specifically for chambers of commerce and associations.

It is comprised of an administrative application and a suite of Web pages that display information in your website. This information comes straight from your database. Changes you make to your data through the administrative application are immediately visible on your website.

CC-Assist allows you to manage your members, events, prospects, sales opportunities, and related financials from one place.

It also interfaces directly with other third-party applications including QuickBooks, Facebook, EZ Texting, MS Word, Excel, and Outlook. You can easily send mass e-mails or personalized e-mails directly from CC-Assist via MS Office.

To get CC-Assist prices, you can request a quote on their website.

Choosing the best software for your chamber

There is more than one type of Chamber Management Software, each catering to different needs. The best software for your chamber is the one that fits your exact needs the most.

It is quite straightforward to compare options. Here are some things to think about to help you identify the best one for your chamber:

  • Will you have to pay to set it up? Do you have to pay for support? Will they charge any transaction fees?
  • How easy will it be to learn the software?
  • Do you need the software installed soon?
  • Are there any specific features that you need?
  • Will you need the software to be integrated into other systems such as Quickbooks and WordPress?
  • Is the system safe?

How to use the software?

Chamber Management Softwares generally require members to sign up and then login in order to access the platform and the different features it offers.

Target audience

Chamber Management Softwares are mainly geared towards Chambers of Commerce and their members, although some focus on SMEs and start-ups, whilst others cater for larger Chambers and organisations.

Price range

Chamber Management Software prices can differ very much depending on what one is looking to use it for and what software is chosen.

The cheapest ones start at around €50/month and then the more expensive ones can go up to €900/month.

Most Chamber Management Softwares also require a setting-up fee which starts at around €1000 and can go up to a few thousand euros.


Using a Chamber Management Software allows a Chamber to streamline its operations, save money and time.

It offers a single platform where multiple tasks can be achieved such as membership monitoring, event management and networking.

Chamber Management Softwares are the easiest and fastest way for Chambers to organise their operations and provide better services to its members.

Chamber Management Software and CONNECTS

Visual of Chamber Management Software CONNECTS

CONNECTS is a digital Business Matchmaking Platform that allows entrepreneurs to initiate trustworthy business opportunities worldwide. Strong business relationships can only be developed through trusted networks. Working with Chambers, we provide access to leads, suppliers, partnerships, skills, and business communities you can trust. 

The platform allows Chambers of Commerce to monitor its members and enables users to connect with thousands of other chamber members throughout the world.

Business is all about confidence in the future. At CONNECTS we believe we can only develop strong business relationships through trusted networks. 

We provide entrepreneurs with the best of both worlds, the digital and the personal user experience. The platform is a unique, simple, and effective tool for online B2B matchmaking.

CONNECTS is free for members of Chambers of Commerce! 

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to discover and develop new opportunities, both locally and internationally? Join our Business Matchmaking Platform and start your free trial.

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