Chamber Moderator: the Franco British Chamber and Industry

February 5, 2019

Welcome to our blog section: Moderator’s Interview! In this section, we will be able to discover more about the role of the moderators on CONNECTS and, particularly, about their functions and visions on the platform.

Hi Edwin. First and mandatory question: who are you and what is your role in the Franco British Chamber of Commerce?

I am the Moderator for France on CONNECTS and at the Franco-British Chamber, I coordinate Business Connect as well as the occasional event.

What makes your chamber special? How do you differentiate from others?

It is both the oldest British Chamber of Commerce in Europe and the oldest ‘foreign’ Chamber of Commerce in France. In the face of daunting challenges, including two World Wars, the Great Depression and the recent Global Economic crises, the Chamber has proven a remarkably dynamic and adaptable organisation, uniting and assisting the Franco-British business community for 145 years.

What do you think of CONNECTS and how do you think it helps your members?

CONNECTS is a fantastic way of bringing businesses together from across the world on an online platform whilst maintaining the trust that comes with Chambers of Commerce.

Where do you see CONNECTS in, let’s say, three years?

In the coming years, I think that CONNECTS will go from strength to strength: significantly growing the number of members and therefore with even more opportunities and potential contacts.

We have recently announced four new networks on the platform, including BECI, which is a big chamber of commerce. How do you think it could impact your members?

Four new networks is very exciting news. It shows that CONNECTS is developing strongly. The addition of more networks is always good for our members as it gives them the chance to increase their business activity. The addition of BECI is particularly useful for our members as many of the new contacts and opportunities will be in French.

What do you miss on CONNECTS?

More business projects.

11 countries are already on CONNECTS. Which one would you like to see represented next?

Germany. It would be great to have Germany on the CONNECTS platform as it is the biggest economy in Europe and therefore could provide lots of new members and therefore opportunities for the existing CONNECTS members.

What are the features that you would fine helpful to add in the future?

A keyword alert function for new opportunities.

If we added artificial intelligence on CONNECTS, what would you like it to help you with?

Browsing through companies.

Fill in the blanks “before CONNECTS, the world was _________”

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