COBCOE Connects Moderator’s Interview: Tony Silver

February 13, 2018

Welcome to our new blog section: Moderator’s Interview! In this section, we will be able to discover more about the role of the moderators on COBCOE Connects/be.connected and, particularly, about their functions and visions on the platform.

It doesn’t exist a better way to start with the section than interviewing Tony Silver, moderator for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, who has recently overcome the number of 60 active members on the platform.

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Tony Silver

  1. Hi Tony. First and mandatory question: what do you think of COBCOE Connects and how do you think it helps your members? It is a useful trade platform that members can use to expand their global presence by searching for opportunities as well as post them.
  2.  Where do you see COBCOE Connects in, let’s say, three months? Steady growth with new chambers will increase the value proposition
  3. We have recently announced four new networks on the platform, including BECI, which is a really big chamber of commerce. Which impact do you expect in the platform activity? The more large chambers that are added the better value it will give to members
  4. What do you miss on COBCOE Connects? nothing
  5. We already have 9 countries (Turkey?). Which one would you like to see represented on COBCOE Connects in the next months? Large economies such as Germany
  6. Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has been the first network to achieve 60 active members on the platform, and keeps increasing the number of active members week by week. Could you tell us your trick? There is no trick just good open communications and tying it in with our Global membership
  7. What do the companies tell you about COBCOE Connects? That it needs to grow to give more value. We were very early adopters and the platform has considerably changed since the early days.
  8. Do you think that, after Brexit, COBCOE Connects can play a more important role in British business? Very hard to say as we don’t really know what Brexit looks like
  9. Anything else you would like to add? Launch events are a great way to accelerate engagement
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