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Successful Connection for Tech Startups

April 7, 2022

Business Opportunity

A company based in London, UK, posted a business opportunity looking for innovative technology start-ups in digital health, wellbeing and fintech space.

Trib3l Consulting responded to the opportunity with an invitation to connect and find out more about a possible collaboration.

The company based in London, UK

The company was established in London in 2018. The founders have spent their careers delivering innovative technology across international markets for both large enterprises and start-ups.

Their technology scouting services help entrepreneurs discover and engage with emerging technology solution providers.

The company helps speed up the process by confidentially approaching their network of investors and innovators with entrepreneurs’ business requirements. They help discover the right technology, solution or partner to deliver on businesses’ needs, whilst entrepreneurs carry on with their day job.

When they approach an Innovator, they has a clear mandate from a business that wants to speak with companies like them, thereby eliminating the complexity of making unsolicited approaches to large businesses and heading on a path towards the ultimate in funding; paying customers.

The company joined CONNECTS in July 2019.


Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

The company is part of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce joined CONNECTS in November 2016.

Paul Britton is the CEO. 

Malin Geanovu is the key contact and CONNECTS moderator for the Thames Valley Chamber.

Their offices can be found at 150 Edinburgh Ave, Slough SL1 4SS, United Kingdom.


Trib3l Consulting

Trib3l Consulting is based in Brussels. Their experience allows them a unique perspective to solving business problems. Their combined experience in leading businesses and teams and working within large corporate entities, gives them the insights necessary to solve creatively and execute seamlessly.

By leveraging their deep networks and experience through a collaborative approach, Trib3l Consulting is able to execute and deliver solutions for, and with entrepreneurs, to achieve the business outcomes they seek.

 Trib3l Consulting can be found at Permekedreef 26, Brussels, Flemish Braband 3090, Belgium.

They joined CONNECTS in June 2019.

The British Chamber Of Commerce in Belgium

Trib3l Consulting is part of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium joined CONNECTS in November 2016.

Tom Parker is currently President.

The key contact and CONNECTS moderator for the British Chamber of Commerce is Michael Rodger.

Their offices are at Boulevard Bischoffsheim 11, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.


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