Digitisation is not a choice

November 5, 2018

Can we imagine a single company that, a century ago, chose not to connect to the power grid? Or not to install the phone? And who would have survived?

Digitisation is exactly that: it is not an option to distinguish you from your competitors – or at least only for a very short time. It’s not a choice. It is, quite simply, a necessity to stay in the race. Or in other words: in a competitive world, you have to move forward just to keep your place.

What are we talking about, anyway? Digitising today means more than simply installing a CRM system, opening an online store or adopting electronic invoicing. It means integrating the digital approach into your company, placing it at the very heart of your activity, to develop new services that are more efficient, better targeted and more personalised. This is all the more true for the service companies that make up the fabric of the Brussels economy.

Not doing so means giving up on getting to know your customers better, giving up on communicating better with them, on being more useful to them. And it inevitably means giving way to a competitor who will develop this potential for you, and for your customers. Not going digital means accepting you will soon be marginalised and then excluded.

The digital revolution requires a certain amount of artificial intelligence. It also means evolving new collaborative tools, opening up the company’s processes to your customers, allowing them to enter and interact more directly than ever with you and your employees. It is as much a cultural as a technological revolution.

This is the path we have been following for more than a year at Beci, with the implementation of The Cham project. The latest milestone is the launch this summer of our new website, which includes new online services. Today nearly a third of Beci’s turnover is generated via the web (issuing certificates of origin, registering for our events, affiliations, etc.). We will continue to develop these kinds of services, as we already did earlier this year with the be.connected platform, and as we will continue to do with webinars, online appointments and so on.

We want to help Brussels companies to take this path.

Not only by supporting them, where our networks and expertise can be useful to them, but also by playing our role of representation, where crucial decisions must be taken to digitise the Brussels economy. In particular, this applies in the fields of telecommunications, innovation, financing, education, training, employment policy, etc.

Much remains to be done, together, for Brussels’ digital future. But the benefits will be commensurate with the efforts.

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