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Franco-British and Thames Valley Chamber Members: Great Relationships

April 7, 2022

CONNECTS Opportunity

A UK-based company (member of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce) was looking for companies wanting to increase their sales results and improve their sales teams. They posted their opportunity on CONNECTS.

A French company (member of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce) responded to the opportunity because they were looking for partners, trainers, coaches, able to speak in English, French, Italian & Spanish.

The opportunity was first posted on CONNECTS in December 2019. 

The UK-based company

The company focuses on 2 main types of services: sales coaching and sales training.

As a wise man once said “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember but involve me and I learn”. The UK-based company involves salespeople in customized programs based on a diagnosis made before starting any collaboration.

They eliminate all the unnecessary learning theories, by dedicating time to interact individually in order to help sellers become aware of their strengths, weaknesses and upgrade their success and efficiency level.

Lots of trainings are done exactly how the book says! They enjoy being rebels and not following this rule. They put an accent on qualitative theory, but tend to be more practical.

Because their expertise and experience support them from behind, the company allow themselves to customize the training in order to develop specific competencies and abilities in a manner that will satisfy their partners at the end of their collaboration.

They joined CONNECTS in November 2019.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

This company is part of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, which joined CONNECTS in November 2016.

Paul Britton is the CEO of the Thames Valley Chamber. 

Malin Geanovu is our moderator for the Thames Valley Chamber.

Their offices are located at 150 Edinburgh Ave, Slough SL1 4SS, United Kingdom.

Visual of Thames Valley Chamber offices

The French company

Many French businesses trust this company to develop their teams and improve the level of written and oral communication of their employees. Adult French training is booming. 

The company (member of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce), therefore, offers both training in spelling, written communication in the company or French as a foreign language program (FLE A1 – FLE level B2 or B1…).

They joined CONNECTS in February 2018.

Franco-British Chamber of Commerce

This company is part of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which became a CONNECTS partner in January 2018.

Catherine Le Yaouanc is the General Manager of the Franco-British Chamber.

The CONNECTS moderator for the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry is George O’Leary.

The offices are at 63 Avenue de Villiers, 75017 Paris, France.

Visual of Franco-British Chamber offices

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