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How CCLBL uses Connects

December 11, 2019

img 8587 editCONNECTS is continuing to develop not only as a platform, but as a community for Chambers of Commerce. More and more Chambers want to be a part of CONNECTS community. Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa share their experience and best practices on how their moderators Constança Troni and Mafalda Ribeiro use CONNECTS. Let’s discover more about the role of the moderators on CONNECTS and, particularly, about their functions and views on the platform.

How CCLBL uses Connects

We, at Luso-Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, have a Member-focused work practice. Therefore, we are always aiming to find new tools and services to offer to companies.

CONNECTS was adopted by us in April 2019 and, since then, we have noticed how our Members find it easier to contact foreign companies and, therefore, expand their business.

Our first approach was to create a CONNECTS presentation document, where we explained the benefits of joining the platform and explained how it works. This presentation was forwarded to all our Members and used when introducing the Chamber of Commerce to potential new members.

At the same time, we included CONNECTS in our website, where we present it on the front page as a great tool for Business Development.

The next step for us was to link CONNECTS with our online social network through our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. On LinkedIn, every week we post New Opportunities sent by TIAO. We also highlight opportunities posted by our Members or select specific ones which target either Portugal, Belgium or Luxembourg.

In addition to this, we spot opportunities that may have special interest for our Members to increase the chances of having success stories. Regarding our internal network, we include CONNECTS opportunities in our monthly Newsletter.

Besides sharing opportunities, we also promote CONNECTS News, Success Stories and pay attention to how other Chambers of Commerce are using the platform.

At the same time we assist our Members in using the platform by doing sectorial search of companies and opportunities, filtering by country and other fields to focus the results on exactly what they are looking for.

Another practice that has boosted our use of the platform is the constant contact with the TIAO team. Both Salvadore Jani and Karolina Vainilkaitè are constantly available and give very useful tips to improve our performance as Moderators.

Taking into consideration how much we learn from TIAO, we always suggest that new users take the Training Session with Karolina, so that they too can make the best use of the platform!

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