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How does Franco British Chamber of Commerce and Industry use CONNECTS?

November 6, 2019

CONNECTSVisual of Moderator of Franco British Chamber is continuing to develop not only as a platform, but as a community for Chambers of Commerce. More and more Chambers want to be a part of CONNECTS community. Franco British Chamber of Commerce and Industry share their experience and best practices on how their moderator George O’Leary uses CONNECTS. Let’s discover more about the role of the moderators on CONNECTS and, particularly, about their functions and views on the platform.

Franco British Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “How we use CONNECTS”

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CONNECTS is a vital tool for us at the Franco-British Chamber. It forms a key element of the package that we offer to our Members of all levels and is a platform that we are proud to moderate. A major factor that our members appreciate is the integrity of the network: they know that they can safely work business-to-business, as all the companies on CONNECTS have been verified by our colleagues in Chambers of Commerce across Europe and the rest of the world. The ever-growing network is successfully linking companies together with ease and initiating partnerships that are very promising for Chamber members, without the need to use the Chambers as middlemen but always having the support available if needed.

Each company has a different goal for CONNECTS. It may be that the platform for them facilitates prospecting, using the Companies section to search for potential members, clients, or partners. Alternatively, it may be the Opportunities section that is more important for their activity. Whatever the individual case, we use our position as Moderator to help members get the most from the platform; training is offered to all our new members to ensure this. Following the CONNECTS invitation, I contact the members to arrange e-meetings to talk through the platform. In these e-meetings we discuss how to navigate the platform, the importance of their profile and the core functions (including how to search for companies, create opportunities, and access the Kompass database). This initial outreach really helps to get companies onboard, as it avoids the tendency to say, “I will look at that when I get chance…” and then forget they ever received the invitation.

I have personally found the response to this process to be very positive. Many of our members have stated how intuitive the platform is and they have no issues navigating the different elements on CONNECTS. But they appreciate our support during their initial log-in, as it may have appeared daunting or too much effort for them to do so alone. This is brilliant for the Chamber/Network as once a company gets set-up on the platform they are connected forever. Email notifications mean that they do not have to be active all the time, but they are always present in the CONNECTS community.

Another method we use to help our own members and others around Europe is through sharing opportunities. This may be via our social media platforms or via our fortnightly newsletter. Just last week, two of our members received positive responses and created partnerships from their respective opportunities! This proves that CONNECTS brings real added value.

Our aim is to get as many members as possible active on CONNECTS. We strongly believe in the platform and can see that the success rate and engagement is only going to grow as the network expands and all the Chambers work together and encourage their members to join the platform.

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