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How does “VOKA Limburg” use CONNECTS

November 14, 2019

foto vokaCONNECTS is continuing to develop not only as a platform, but as a community for Chambers of Commerce. More and more Chambers want to be a part of CONNECTS community. VOKA Limburg share their experience and best practices on how their moderator Ward Smits uses CONNECTS. Let’s discover more about the role of the moderators on CONNECTS and, particularly, about their functions and views on the platform.

How does “VOKA Limburg” use CONNECTS

The platform CONNECTS is a very interesting tool for companies that want to “look further” than their own national borders. Simultaneously, CONNECTS offers, without a doubt, more added value to our members in Limburg as well. This is mainly because it is very easy to use, thanks to the developers. The  platform is becoming more and more relevant in the global world, which is constantly evolving.

As a moderator it is my job to facilitate the needs of members. And for me, it is important that all the moderators work together and support each other. The cooperation is working very well and thanks to TIAO, we all had a chance to meet each other at the workshop organised in September 2019.

Furthermore, when we give first-line advice to our members, we analyse the needs and transform it into an opportunity and post it on CONNECTS. Normally, I create the opportunities, but in the future the goal is that the platform would be more and more used by the companies themselves. After all, it’s not rocket science.

Our goal is to get every internationally active company in Limburg registered on CONNECTS, because it is an impressive online tool. CONNECTS truly stimulates the concept of business without barriers and it should be used more and more to create a snowball effect.

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