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How does “VOKA Vlaams-Brabant” use CONNECTS

December 9, 2019

10393 120 dann lowCONNECTS is continuing to develop not only as a platform, but as a community for Chambers of Commerce. More and more Chambers want to be a part of CONNECTS community. Vlaams-Brabant share their experience and best practices on how their moderator Astrid De Man uses CONNECTS. Let’s discover more about the role of the moderators on CONNECTS and, particularly, about their functions and views on the platform.

How does “VOKA Vlaams-Brabant” use CONNECTS

At VOKA Vlaams-Brabant we see ourselves as “matchmakers”.  We try to find the right contact to expand your business. But even more important, we can guarantee that these contacts are trustworthy, because we know them ourselves.  This is easy to do on a local level, but can be so much more interesting on an international level. In this globalised world, why are we not more connected? This is where the CONNECTS Platform plays a very important role. Thanks to the cooperation with other Chambers of Commerce, it is possible to broaden our network internationally.

We launched the platform for our members in March 2019 where we invited a selection of companies that are internationally active. Now, we create an account each time we meet a company that is interested in the platform. It is interesting to see this new development of companies inviting other companies to create an account on CONNECTS.

As a moderator it is my job to constantly monitor the user experience of our members and help them to use the platform in a more efficient way. I am also responsible to help share opportunities and get companies in connection with each other.

Our goal is to inform our members about the platform and make sure they make activate their account and make a good company profile. We do this by offering trainings about the platform, where specific case are highlighted and the participants can ask their questions. This is part of our vision to give priority to the quality of active profiles that are on the platform, and it is my job to make sure this quality is assured.

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