How to use Kompass to develop your business on COBCOE Connects and be.connected

September 19, 2018

COBCOE Connects and be.connected are the go-to tool to develop your business in a safe and trusted environment. In a nutshell, every member is linked to a “guardian”, a “moderator” who works from their chamber of commerce.

Many different features are available on the platform, but one particularly stands out: Kompass International. Kompass is a worldwide business database, and their mission is to list every single business in the world. So far they have details of over 10 million businesses in more than 60 countries – enough for every contact you may wish to make.

Initially, we partnered with Kompass so that our member users wouldn’t face any “dead ends” – especially when we started out with relatively few members. Today, we recognise that Kompass is an even stronger partner. It offers phenomenal added value for our users and for participating chambers of commerce. That is why we have worked with them to refine the integration of Kompass on COBCOE Connects, and diversify the features available to users and moderators.

So, how does Kompass help me develop my business on COBCOE Connects?

#1 – Get in touch with ANY company listed on Kompass (more than 10 million!)

To do that, just perform a regular search, starting with a location, let’s say  start “Belgium” and then select a sector “Beer manufacturing”. At the top of the page that displays your results, you will see the section dedicated to Kompass.kompass 1

Just hit the button “Contact Kompass users” to view the full list:Kompass 2

And on the list, select “message” to send an email to the company that you have selected:

You can then write your message and send it:

Your moderator will be notified that you are trying to contact that company and they will immediatly be able to take action to help you make the connection. Don’t forget that the company you’re messaging doesn’t know about COBCOE Connects, they’re not a verified member, so the role of your moderator is also to make sure that the company you’re contacting is reliable.

#2 – Purchase your Kompass list and do business at another scale

With COBCOE Connects, we focus on the quality of relationships. That’s why every member is verified and we have moderators. However some members just prefer to work on their side, with their tools. That’s why we have now implemented the purchasing of Kompass lists. This features allows you to search on COBCOE Connects and download a list of all the contacts corresponding to the criteria of your search.Kompass 3 1

When you confirm the purchase, we will prepare your file and you will automatically receive a link in your mailbox to download it. In the file, you will find the purchased list, with all the available information available. Typically, such a list at least includes company names, email addresses, address of the company, contact information, but often there’s more, such as VAT number, company national number etc.

Connect now to your account and try our Kompass features!

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