Introducing TIAO platform

October 28, 2017

What is TIAO platform?

We believe that trust is the most important part of every business relationship. Our platform is an online service to help companies to grow their businesses through easy access to contacts in new markets.
The platform is:

  • A simple way to new opportunities
  • Moderated by local experts
  • Known and trusted international networks

Basically, our goal is to help chamber members make the most of the opportunities that are still hidden around the world, and allow them to easily act on them. This will be done with the help of moderators.

TIAO platform in the future

What makes our platform different from other renowned online platforms?

We believe that trust is the most important part of every business relationship. TIAO platform is
developed for Chamber of Commerce, associations and their members. It is designed in a way that
trust is never broken: the identity of every member is known, and personal relationships exist
between members and moderators. Everyone can make use of those personal
relationships to build relationships, grow their business and create opportunities for others.

How can members get the most out of the platform?

Every participant is motivated to be active. The more active they are on the site, the greater their success.
The platform is built on 3 components of trust:
1. Delivery – number of searches and responses made
2. Transparency – a complete profile and full information about their company
3. Accountability – how well and how fast their respond to queries and searchers

To make the most of the platform, members will be encouraged to:

  • Exchange with their moderators about their growth strategy
  • Reach out to other members
  • Create opportunities

How does our platform drive membership developments?

  • By offering a new type of business development platform
  • By giving you and chambers of commerce access to a new and engaged group of contacts
    who benefit from the platform and may be interested in your services.
  • By providing opportunities to grow the network of memberships in new sectors.
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