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Liesl Bebb-McKay praises CONNECTS

February 28, 2020

Liesl Bebb-Mckay, member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, is the director at BBD Netherlands, business builder and transformation & innovation expert.

BBD is a provider of custom software development and application design solutions. BBD’s 35 years of technical and developer expertise spans banking, education, finance, insurance, public and telecommunications. Employing over 800 highly skilled, motivated and experienced IT professionals – BBD is the leader in independent custom software development.

She’s also a founding partner of Trib3l Consultancy, consulting since spring 2019 in strategic decisions and execution (more info at

For Liesl CONNECTS is another word for opportunities. Her words in the next paragraph speak for itself and we’ve taken the effort, of course, to mention it on our blog.

“As a new business in Europe, I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for my clients – CONNECTS provides just that!  Our business relies on the connections we have and keep, to build opportunities and grow our profitability. I recently reached out to a fellow CONNECTS member in Spain for an opportunity to leverage our core strengths to potentially assist each other’s clients – so my Belgium business, assisting my South African client in the Netherlands by leveraging a new potential partner in Spain! This can only happen in a digital world – thank you CONNECTS”.

It’s important to acknowledge and stimulate the digital transformation of traditional business, only then you can move forward, understand and recognize the true value of CONNECTS. We’re happy to be relevant for any business in the world, thank you very much Liesl for these kind words!

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