Malin Geanovu from Thames Valley: Chamber Moderator Interview

February 11, 2019

Welcome to our blog section: Moderator’s Interview! In this section, we will be able to discover more about the role of the moderators of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce on CONNECTS and, particularly, about their functions and visions on the platform.

Hi Malin. First and mandatory question: who are you and what is your role in Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce? 

I am Malin Geanovu and I am Business Development Executive – International Trade at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group – one of the biggest Chambers in United Kingdom.

What makes your chamber special? How do you differentiate from others? 

 Our Chamber is in top 5 of the 53 accredited Chambers in UK. We are a very proactive Chamber and we get involved in different type of projects, in a region driven by global business.

What do you think of CONNECTS and how do you think it helps your members? 

CONNECTS is an online platform that creates great opportunities and connections and is allowing our members to promote and offer services across Europe and beyond, moderated by trusted Chambers of Commerce.

Where do you see CONNECTS in, let’s say, three years?     

Over 3 years from now the CONNECTS platform will be still in expansion and the members will use it more and on a regular basis, as an important platform for getting business and promoting.

We have recently announced four new networks on the platform, including BECI, which is a big chamber of commerce. How do you think it could impact your members? 

This is great for the members for a few reasons – Increase in the number of potential business opportunities; Increase in number of new contacts; Increase in number of potential markets they can expand.

What do you miss on CONNECTS?   

A video or something similar for presentation (as a marketing material) to be sent to new and potential members. Also, a guide “How to Use” the platform.

11 countries are already on CONNECTS. Which one would you like to see represented next? 

Some of the Arab Countries – UAE, Saudi, Qatar etc. East European Countries, South East Asia.

What are the features that you would fine helpful to add in the future? 

“How to use the platform” Guide and an alert service for matching opportunities.

If we added artificial intelligence on CONNECTS, what would you like it to help you with? 

To match opportunities to compatible businesses and send alerts.

Fill in the blanks “before CONNECTS, the world was... quiet and smaller”

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