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Moderator’s Interview: Kristina Baumann from the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania

March 18, 2019

Welcome to our blog section: Moderator’s Interview! In this section, we will be able to discover more about the role of the moderators on COBCOE Connects/be.connected and, particularly, about their functions and visions on the platform. This time we are talking to Kristina Baumann, at the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.  She is responsible for Corporate Relationships Management – Marketing Communications, Membership Services, and Account Management. She guides Strategic Development, International and Social Events – everything related with coordination of the Chamber – maintaining Client Relationships and building Professional Networks.

The British Chamber in Lithuania is an active and well-respected business organisation in the region. We put lots of effort into creating an active and professional platform where business interests can be met and discussed. We represent an open and business driven community in Lithuania. And we are the main and the only British business voice in Lithuania. This is how COBCOE Connects comes on board helping us to improve our Services!

“Even in today’s tech-fuelled society, building a broad professional network is the key to unlocking business opportunities, obtaining more clients, and completing more sales. But no matter what the objective, having a wide professional reach is valuable in any industry, and in any circumstance.”

“It is an extraordinary opportunity to search for potential clients or partners in the UK or across Europe through COBCOE Connects and being in a trusted environment – it creates a great added value and connections to our Members.”

– Where do you see COBCOE Connects in three years? “Improved, bigger and with hundreds of success stories!”

“I see a huge opportunity in new networks joining the platform for our Members to expand their contacts, increasing the number of opportunities and exploring markets across Europe. The Internet age may have streamlined much of the process, but professional networking still requires effort.”

“And here we are – COBCOE Connects is preparing the path for you. Amazing!”

“My overall view of the platform is that while nothing is ever perfect, I am comfortable with the Connects platform as it is right now. In the future, maybe it could use more sub-categories in the search engine, and a bit of an advanced search system overall, along with the continuing evolution in the dashboard and user experience. I’d like to see the platform becoming more mobile phone-friendly (an app would be amazing), as would the integration of AI, to help members and us – browsing through companies, especially regarding recommendations.

In terms of reach, we have a growing interest in the Commonwealth and I am pleased to note a gradual increase in inquiries for the Commonwealth nations (Australia, Canada, India, South Africa) and the rest of the G20. These countries are being reported positively and there’s a factor in increasing the UK’s attractiveness even after the Big B.

Overall, before COBCOE Connects, misuse of a company’s data was punishable by a slap on the wrist. Now, with all the standards and user-friendly experience – the world has more opportunities!”

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