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December 4, 2018

be.connected and COBCOE Connects are the go-to tool to develop your business in a safe and trusted environment. In a nutshell, every member is linked to a “guardian”, a “moderator” who works from their chamber of commerce. The development team is continuously developing the platform to meet companies‘ needs and help to make #BusinessWithoutBarriers more efficient. This time, we are happy to present a new “split” search on the platform

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Search specifically for targeted companies

Right now search is simplified and you can browse companies by choosing location and sector with a few presses of a button.

If your search does not gives you sufficiently precise results from within the platform, you can always access a larger list, amongst companies that are not yet on the platform. The solution is the Kompass list. Kompass allows you to buy a list of companies with the their contact details in a particular sector in a particular country. This tool gives you access to a database of more than 10 million companies.

Create or check opportunities easily

Create an opportunity promoting your product or services and let moderators of 16 chambers of commerce to find a match for you in the most efficient way. Every time you publish an opportunity, all moderators get a notification and can help find a match for your opportunity amongst their members.

Do #BusinessWithoutBarriers in easy and efficient way!

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