NBCC Partners COBCOE Connects to enhance Trade relations

August 30, 2018

The Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce has partnered with COBCOE Connects as Africa’s first affiliated British chamber of commerce to collaborate with the online business hub in boosting trade relations and connectivity amongst member partners and organizations across the globe.

COBCOE Connects which is a digital hub is one of the fastest growing online business matchmaking platform which seeks to boost trade relations using their online platforms in creating a business world without barriers. This ensures that members and partners signed up are connected within a safe hub with available access to networking and grow their businesses through shared ideas. The trade platform also unites about 15 British chambers of commerce in 10 different countries with over 5,757 companies from different sectors and 301 opportunities to do business globally.

The NBCC through this partnership would serve as a regulating body in ensuring that its members and organizations signed up under it are genuine, reliable and trustworthy to be a part of the trade engagements within the platform which is designed to be a reliable mode for ease of business, business development and business growth for prospective clients, business partners and investors.

This partnership further highlights the policy drive by the current leadership of the NBCC in embracing the digital age to further enhance trade relations and subsequent economic growth which is beneficial to its over 350 corporate members in all sectors of the Nigerian economy which ranges from small and medium enterprises to large scale multinational corporations.

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Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive of COBCOE, said “It is a pleasure to welcome our first network outside Europe. the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce, onto the platform. COBCOE Connects is gaining momentum throughout Europe and we are delighted that we can widen its reach globally. As we enter discussions with COBCOE affiliates around the world, we will continue to make global opportunities available to business, with the local knowledge of chambers of commerce in those markets.”

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Speaking on the collaboration, President and Chairman of Council of the NBCC Mr. Akin Olawore stated that, “with the growth and impact of the digital age, the dynamics of trade engagements has been redefined with businesses been urged to innovate and keep up with global trends as the online platform has become a key medium of connectivity and business engagements across varying markets worldwide.”

He further stated that “the partnership is part of the policy and engagement efforts by the council in ensuring that partner members are given a platform to network, share ideas and be a part of a global business community.”

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