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December 22, 2020

The Communities feature is now live and running on the CONNECTS platform. The communities feature enables users to join online communities to do business, connect, and exchange information with other entrepreneurs. In this article, you will learn more about what online communities are, who they are for, why you should join one, and what the CONNECTS Communities feature has to offer.

What is an online community?

An online community, sometimes also called a web or an internet community, is a space where members can communicate and interact, mostly via the internet. Online communities have become, for many, like a home, a safe space, or a family.

Most of the time, in order to join an online community, a person will have to become a member through a specific website. This will then allow them access to certain links or content. Now that society and our economy have completely integrated media life into everyday life, online communities have become a culture of their own. 

Online communities have now become full-blown information systems in which users can share, post, comment, discuss, collaborate and advise, even giving out medical advice and sharing healthcare research. Most often, people will communicate via email, forums, social media, discussion boards, social networking websites, and chat rooms.

There can be all sorts of reasons for joining an online community, sometimes through blogs, virtual worlds or video games. One can even make romantic connections and find a partner via dating virtual worlds and other dating platforms. Web 2.0 sites have become more and more popular, making real-time connection and communication with others a lot easier. It has also made the spread of information a lot easier.

Why are online communities important?

Online communities can offer a whole range of services to its users. Such communities can enable communication regardless of international borders and cultures. People with all kinds of different backgrounds, who might not have otherwise met offline, are now able to connect and interact. 

Web communities have also allowed the exchange of and access to information. Online communities exist for even the smallest of niches, meaning it is possible to find people also interested in a given subject and then share information about a topic which little people know about, and might not be available in a given geographic area offline. This is why there are online communities for specific topics such as employment, health, education or finance.

By joining an online community to do business, you will be able to reach people you might have never met otherwise, and discover new opportunities, suppliers, potential partners and customers. You will be able to expand your networks, adding another avenue for potential success to your business.

Who can online business communities benefit?

The COVID-19 has been a shock for everyone. However, some have fared better than others. SMEs have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. The ones that survived and even thrived during the pandemic where the ones that adapted to the situation.

According to a Connected Commerce Council and Google report that looked at SMEs in America, the value of SMEs having a ‘Digital Safety Net’ is undeniable. The safety net is built on technological infrastructure and comprises agile and affordable digital tools that have made it possible for small companies to survive longer and recover faster. It can increase a business’s preparedness and, even in the worst of time, improve business results and even survival rates.

Joining an online business community is one-way entrepreneurs, SMEs and even large corporations can make their businesses more resilient.

What is the CONNECTS Communities feature?

CONNECTS is an online Business Matchmaking Platform that allows entrepreneurs to initiate trustworthy business opportunities worldwide.

Digital transformation and innovation have never been more essential for businesses. We believe strong business relationships can only be developed through trusted networks. Working with Chambers of Commerce, we provide access to online leads, suppliers, partnerships, skills and business communities you can trust.

The fast-growing platform is unique, simple, and effective for business development and growth. CONNECTS has been developed to support Chambers of Commerce, SMEs and Start-ups.

The Communities feature on CONNECTS enables users to invite other users to join online business communities of common interest. There, they can share information, have 1:1 chats, share business information, and organise meetings and events. 

Users will also be able to broadcast their Teams, Zoom, and Webinar sessions to wide audiences, Monetise their communities by providing exclusive access and information to paying members and manage events such as trade missions.

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to develop your business? If you are a member of a participating Chamber of Commerce, you can join our Business Matchmaking Platform for free! If not, take advantage of your free trial. You can then make the most of the CONNECTS online community feature.

Want to learn more about CONNECTS? Find us on Google maps! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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