Our Members Speak…Viktor Girov from R&D Solutions

December 15, 2018

We continue with our new blog section: Member’s Interview! In this section, we will be able to discover more about the ways companies find themselves on COBCOE Connects and, particularly, about their successes on the platform. Today we interview Viktor Girov from R&D Solutions, which is located in Bulgaria.

R&D Solutions offers complete IT cloud services on top of AWS – consultancy, architecture analysis & design, development, implementation, deployment, support and maintenance. Their services include digital cloud transformation and mobile solutions on top of AWS infrastructure; consultations for the implementation of DevOps and Agile software development methodologies and project management, cloud services, based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  1. How did you learn about the platform COBCOE Connects?

I first learned about COBCOE Connects through BBBA – the British-Bulgarian Business Association. At one of the meetings they organize for their members, COBCOE Connects platform was introduced and I thought it’s a great way to reach out to businesses outside Bulgaria.

  1. What feature did you find the most useful on COBCOE Connects?

Pretty much the whole platform is made very intuitively. You can easily select different criteria and pick up the right opportunity.  It’s great that COBCOE Connects gives the opportunity to meet real business with its real needs.

  1. Did you face any challenges while using the platform?

I cannot say I faced any challenges. The platform is very user friendly.

  1. How many leads/responses has the platform generated so far for you?

As a company offering complete IT cloud services on top of AWS including digital cloud transformation and mobile solutions, we have the chance to help almost every business to increase its competitiveness and revenue by adopting new technologies. So far we had several talks with potential customers one of which developed in a long-term partnership.

  1. What is the quality of the leads the platform generates for you?

The leads are high quality and gathered in one place which is the best part.

  1. What other tools, platforms, and channels do you use for similar business development activities?

We try to use all available channels from social networks through different platforms like COBCOE Connects,, Sourceseek and of course our website  You can find us on some of the events in Europe dedicated to digital and cloud technologies, innovations and ICT as well.

  1. How do you see the response rate / success on COBCOE Connects compare with the alternative options?

The response rate is pretty good. The idea of the platform is to connect companies and I think it is met.

  1. If you could take one feature and add it to COBCOE Connects, what would it be?

I believe adding ratings and client’s reviews to companies’ profiles will add additional value to the platform.

  1. We already have 11 countries on COBCOE Connects (France, Bulgaria, UK, Slovenia, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Italy, Nigeria). If you could pick the next one, what would it be?

I would say USA as in technology aspect the country is highly developed and can offer many opportunities to European vendors of different services.

  1. What has becoming a member for the platform meant for you?

It means being part of an interesting community, full of opportunities and an ideal way to show R&D Solutions’ expertise and to receive feedback for our services.

  1. What piece of advice would you give a new member on the platform?

If you want to be successful in COBCOE Connects you’ll need to spend time every day in the Platform and be proactive – create and track opportunities, try to connect with other members, complete your own profile.

  1. Would you recommend COBCOE Connects to your colleagues/other companies?

I already recommended COBCOE Connects to some companies here in Bulgaria and will keep doing this in future.

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