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April 6, 2020

Elena Yordanova, trade & communication officer at British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA) and moderator at CONNECTS for BBBA recently sent an email communication to the Chamber members speaking about CONNECTS. Because of the circumstances, her timing could not be better! We asked Elena 3 simple questions: why, what and would she recommend CONNECTS to other Chambers?

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You recently promoted CONNECTS to your members, why?

I regularly promote the platform to new members, and at least once a year to all members. Last week, I figured the timing was right to remind all BBBA members and partners of the CONNECTS platform. It’s a great way to connect online your business with other businesses all over the world. Today, due to the COVID19 crisis many of our members have completely moved to homeworking.

What did you send the members of your Chamber?

I’ve sent a special targeted mail, an invitation to join CONNECTS with one single click. As a result, we noticed there have been several new companies wishing to register, 8 new companies on the platform to be precise!

Would you recommend other Chambers to use CONNECTS?

Definitely! Especially now when so much business is happening online, and with the coronavirus crisis, businesses are more than ever connected online. CONNECTS provides extra confidence to companies, and thus facilitate B2B self-introductions. 


We’re very delighted to hear this from Elena, but that’s not all. Desislava Miteva, Executive Director at British Bulgarian Business Association also reflected on the use of CONNECTS during the global COVID19 crisis:

« I feel that with our new normality online CONNECTS will gain even more strength and will be a valuable business development tool. We all need to think out of the box now that all traditional models are on standby for an uncertain period of time. »

CONNECTS can help all businesses in these challenging circumstances. Every post in CONNECTS linked to the COVID19 crisis will be shared instantly to all our members and their members, and also on our social media channels FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter. If you wish to join for free for 30 days click here.

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