Black Friday during inflationary times

With the general increase in prices in all countries and a new phase, after an almost complete recovery on a social level following the COVID-19 pandemic, we are faced with a debate in the consumer era: what are people looking for, and will it affect purchases? In this article, we will look at some of […]

Brilliant Insights on Business Development Manager Salary

The role of a business development manager in companies is crucial for them to grow. Yet, what is the average business development manager salary? What do they do on a daily basis? What are their responsibilities and tasks? In this article, we explore the figure of the business development manager in more detail. What does […]

Brilliant Business and Networking Events in 2022

Business and networking events are opportunities that entrepreneurs have to exploit in order to build a strong business environment and to improve “how to be a successful entrepreneur”. In this article learn more about how, what and why networking events are important for entrepreneurs.  What are business and networking events?  Capable entrepreneurs have been using […]

Top 25 Big Consulting Agencies in the UK

Every organization, from charities to supermarkets, from engineering firms to hospitals, can run into problems sooner or later. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. In any group in which people work together, problems will come up.  But what if these issues seem to be unsolvable? Who can help? How can it help? Consulting agencies are in every corner […]

Great Ways to do Sustainable Business in 2022

Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial for all businesses, regardless of industry. A sustainability strategy is considered necessary by most executives today. In this article, read more about sustainable business and how to apply it to your business model. What is sustainable business? A sustainable business has little or no negative influence on the world (or […]

Great Advantages of a Business Network in 2022

Having a flexible and diverse support network can be incredibly beneficial. Especially when it comes to starting a small business or maintaining a startup. A variety of organizations and networks offer help and connections to entrepreneurs worldwide. Being part of a business network can lead to new business, sales, and investment opportunities. In this article, […]

Blockchain for Dummies: Great Tools for 2022

The world has undergone a digital transformation. That holds true for contracts and records of transactions that are essential to the economic system structure. The question is if they have been able to keep up. You should consider the role of blockchain for dummies. Since it is the technology behind Bitcoin, it is very efficient […]

Top 15 Best Supply Chain Companies in the UK

The UK and Ireland have a very developed supply chain industry with a range that covers the globe. Much like the logistics industry, this industry is amongst the best in the UK. In this article, discover the top 15 supply chain companies in the UK and why this sector is interesting to invest in and […]