Partner in IT Consultancy and Software Development: successful match

August 11, 2018

R&D Solutions found the business enablement platform CONNECTS via the BBBA weekly newsletter. They signed up and uploaded two opportunities.

One of them was that they were Amazon Web Services Cloud Consulting Partner and AWS Solution Provider, and the other opportunity – that they were looking for partners in the field of IT consultancy and software development who want to expand their portfolio with the professional engineering services on the AWS cloud.

If anybody was interested and had an inquiry, they could contact R&D Solutions.

How did the partnership with IT consultancy and software development take place?

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The opportunities were uploaded on March 2018, and it took several weeks before a Belgian IT company (Pregiotek) contacted R&D Solutions. They wanted to partner with R&D Solutions on an upcoming project for one of the biggest insurance companies in Europe, based in Brussels.

After several scrum meetings with Pregiotek to gather and analyze the project requirements, R&D Solutions sent their detailed proposal, case studies, referrals, and an estimatе, and the Pregiotek project manager had to confirm with the insurance company that it was OK to work with а third-party provider.

R&D Solutions went through a testing period for regulatory and security compliance and faced the competition for that particular project by other European IT solution providers.

Initially, the insurance company chose another solution provider for the RFP (Request for Proposal), but two weeks later there was a sudden turn in the direction.

Pregiotek decided to visit Bulgaria and meet in person R&D Solutions office and employees, in order to make sure of the quality of the company. At first, a small project was negotiated between Pregiotek and R&D Solutions. The project scope was formulated, milestones set, sprints planned and tasks allocated in an agile manner.

The project execution began and Pregiotek quickly realized due to the project management by R&D Solutions and the regular code reviews that the company is a perfect fit for the original insurance project. The two companies have been working together for over a month now, and there are several exciting projects in the pipeline.

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