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President of Afghanistan Women Chamber in How to support Chamber needs

February 11, 2020

Welcome to our blog section: CEO’s Interview! In this section, we discover why chambers of commerce choose to join CONNECTS and their visions for the platform. Today we are talking to Manizha Wafeq from the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI).

How would you describe your chamber and your membership?

AWCCI is a new chamber which will be 3 years old this March 12, 2020. We have a very diligent team and leadership to serve business womens’ needs and reflect their interests in the policies and programs in the country, make everyone aware of their economic contribution and to sustainably accomplish its mandate by building a strong institution.

Could you tell us Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry priorities over the coming year?

Our 1st priority is to connect women-owned businesses to markets within and outside the country which should led to their increase in sales and expansion of their businesses. This will be specially done through the trademark and certification initiative Made by Afghan Women Our 2nd priority is to collaborate with the government and international community in Afghanistan to create a viable environment for women-led informal businesses to become formal and to encourage more women to start their businesses through constant research and advocacy. Our 3rd priority is to enhance the capacity of businesswomen in this country and improve their business operations through continuous training, mentorship and coaching programs.

How does/could the CONNECTS platform support your delivery of priorities?

The CONNECTS platform will help us achieve our all priorities in one or the other way but specially our priority 1 to connect our members with buyers.

What directions would you like to see for future support from the platform?

Getting to know the CONNECTS platform was thrilling for me, the purpose is great and I feel at this point too speechless to suggest anything for the future. I think the CONNECTS team is so forward thinking themselves that we all should admire and join them to achieve doing business without barriers.

“AWCCI is so grateful to be part of this great business platform and recommends it to all Chambers, specially Chambers in Asia region. Come and join our Heart of Asia Community and get connected to chambers and businesses in other parts of the world.”

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