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Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages in 2022

May 17, 2022

Many people have been wondering what are solar energy advantages and disadvantages.

Before exploring solar energy advantages and disadvantages, it is good to have an overview of solar power energy.

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Why is solar energy important

Solar energy has proved to be highly beneficial since the sun is a powerful source of energy. Experts think that solar power provided to our planet in 15 minutes can meet the global energy needs for one year.

What is needed is to install solar panels or solar panel systems. In this way, we can make a difference in environmental terms. 

Solar panels are made of solar cells. These are responsible for exploiting energy from the sun. They need the light of the day to generate power, but not a sunny day.

Solar energy is one of the world’s fastest growing energy technologies. It has been rapidly improved and has been complemented by solar battery storage systems. This means it turns solar energy into a more efficient source of clean energy. 

It is the main source of energy for most of the families, especially thanks to solar panel grants. It is plenty of reasons why you should start to generate electricity with your own solar panels. Once you have the panels installed, it will not take long before you have a return on investment. 

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Solar energy advantages and disadvantages

What are the solar energy advantages and disadvantages? Here we discuss the pros and cons of solar energy.

We selected a list of top solar energy advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of solar energy

  1. Renewable Energy Source 
    Solar power is a truly renewable energy source. Sun is not a source we can run out of. It is a clean energy helpful to fight against climate change, pollution and carbon footprint. It is, of course, better to use solar energy than fossil fuels to power your house or company.
  2. Electricity Bills
    Your energy bills will drop thanks to solar panels installation since they will provide energy for your house or business. The saving will depend on the size of the solar system and on your usage. It is thus especially useful for businesses that use commercial solar panels.
  3. Different Applications
    Solar energy can be applied for different goals. Solar photovoltaics can produce electricity from solar radiation, while solar thermal is used for heat.
  4. Maintenance Costs
    Solar power systems don’t usually need much maintenance. They need to be cleaned twice per year. Except for the first initial cost, then there is little spending on maintenance.

Disadvantages of solar energy

  1. Initial Cost
    Even if the maintenance costs are low, the initial purchase is quite high. You have to pay for solar panels, batteries, wiring, inverter and the installation itself. However, costs will probably decrease with the improvement of technology.
  2. Weather dependency
    Solar power systems produce the most when it is a sunny day.
    However, they still generate electricity on cloudy days.
  3. Storage Cost
    If not used right away, energy has to be stored in large batteries. This energy can be used during the night. This is a quite expensive solution.
    However, you can use solar energy during the day and take it from the grid in the night. This is a better solution.
  4. Space
    If you want to produce more energy, you need more solar panels. So, if you have a small roof, it might not be enough.
  5. Pollution
    Transportantion and installation of solar panels are associated with the emission of greenhouse gases. Some toxic materials and hazardous products are used in the manufacturing process of photovoltaic panels.
    However, solar energy’s pollution cannot be compared to other sources of energy: it pollutes far less.

Solar energy business opportunity

This is how it started. 

Cercar Energy, a company member of the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce, posted a selling opportunity on CONNECTS. This opportunity offered integral solutions in solar energy. They provide expertise in the installation of photovoltaic systems, including the engineering, supply and construction of solar energy generation systems.

Enterlock, another platform member, expressed interest in the opportunity. What happened next?

A Colombian supplier of solar energy products received a purchase request from a Romanian based business. They were interested in buying solar batteries for sustainable energy projects. Their goal was to support operations in strengthening the electrical infrastructure of the Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba.  Indeed, there was a problem of constant electrical fluctuations.

The first contact between the businesses was in April. Through an opportunity on the platform, they connected and matched.

In June, Ingelnet de Colombia sent a sample of its products to the business. They were found to be in full compliance with the required technical specifications.

Finally, in July the deal was closed. This allowed Ingelnet de Colombia to export 460 solar panel kits valued at approximately USD 255,000.

Their connection was generated from the HAGAMOS NEGOCIOS network. The two companies are in continuous contact. They are in talks so that in the near future they can close new business deals.

Platform members involved

Cercar Energy

Cercar Energy is the first Colombian company that created the opportunity.

It is a company made up of a team of specialists in renewable energy projects, especially in photovoltaic systems. They manage and develop projects on roofs and solar farms with a high degree of efficiency. They provide work guarantee to their clients, adding added value.

They joined CONNECTS in October 2019.


Enterlock, the company which showed interest in the opportunity, offers solutions that protect workers’ lives and their assets. Their fireproof and industrial equipment are made to save lives and work in extreme working conditions. They are subjected to the highest international standards. With their Satellite Tracking area, they help workers have control over their vehicles.

They are specialists in Fireproof Endowment and Satellite Tracking. They also offer other business endowment products, school uniforms, uniforms for all business sectors of health and industrial and EPP.

They joined CONNECTS in April 2019.

Ingelnet de Colombia

Ingelnet de Colombia is a Colombian company with more than 18 years of experience in the field of technology. They are specialists in solar and wind energy outsourcing and backup systems. 

They work with the sale, installation, preventive and corrective maintenance of networks. They are specialists in the back-up systems for solar, wind and energy storage. 

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