The outcome of the 2nd TIAO workshop „Business Without Barriers”

September 30, 2019

unknownTIAO team would like to convey heartfelt thanks to all participants who dedicated their time to learn more about business matchmaking platform CONNECTS during the two-day workshop organised by TIAO. The strategic workshop aimed to position Chambers of Commerce as the Gateway to Business Development for the 21st century entrepreneur. The workshop also featured practical measures to support Chamber Moderators in fully leveraging the CONNECTS platform to serve their members and working together as an international de-centralised Chamber network. Last but not least, to engage and motivate all workshop participants (more than 40) from across the globe by connecting with and learning from each other.

“It is all about precision, business developers must tailor their pitch and have an online presence. Chambers are ideally suited in this landscape; they provide a platform on which members can build their reputation as thought leaders. CONNECTS helps to facilitate this. Furthermore, the network effect creates important potential.  Today, companies on the CONNECTS platform can establish 2 million possible connections between them.” – Joost Visser- CEO of TIAO, on how SMEs develop their business.

During the first day of the workshop, 17 Chambers of commerce had a chance to introduce themselves, share their best practices and voice their needs within the CONNECTS community.

“Digital is about how you do business, creating new ecosystems, it is about the platform economy. It is about communities enabled by technology.” – said Marc Decorte, President of Brussels Chamber of Commerce & Industry, at the workshop in Leuven. “Communities make rules, share values. That is what CONNECTS is about!”

The Vision, Mission, Strategy of CONNECTS were discussed during the workshop. Joost Visser presented the newly designed Governance framework for CONNECTS, an Advisory Board, comprising of a group of experts to safeguard we continue to live the values of transparency and accountability.

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