TIAO: a case study for Berenschot trainees

April 23, 2018

Berenschot, one of the top consultancy firms in the Netherlands, organizes every year, as part of its trainee programme, a one-day event in Brussels in which the newcomers visit the Berenschot offices in Belgium, located in Brussels. This day has clearly two goals: to explain to the trainees the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Belgium and develop a case study. This year, the case study was about TIAO and how best to enter the Dutch market. The event, hosted by Frits Klützow, Chairman of Berenschot Belgium and Dieneke Mooiman, Junior Consultant responsible for the trainee programme, was divided into four parts. The introduction by Frits Klützow aimed to introduce Belgium in a wide sense: history, culture and demographics. After this short introduction, it was the turn for Tom Vansteenkiste, Managing Director of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg, NKVK, which has just joined the TIAO platform via be.connected. Tom’s contribution was really a masterclass explaining the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Belgium in a deeper way and how these cultural differences have an impact when doing business in both countries.

Following Tom’s presentation, it was the turn for TIAO team to present our company, our current projects and the platform to the trainees: our vision and mission, how we work, which are our challenges and our future aspirations focusing on the Dutch market. The presentation, held by Joost Visser and Glynis Whiting, managing partners of TIAO, had a clear goal: introduce our two projects for COBCOE and the Federation of Belgian Chambers and establish an action plan to set up a Dutch umbrella.

With the information gathered during our intervention, the trainees, divided in groups, prepared different presentations to show their strategic plans, providing us with high-value information to use in the short future.

For the TIAO team, it was really an honor to be invited to take part in this day and to get to know the Berenschot team. We now look forward to putting their ideas into action!

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