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Top 15 Exciting Marketing Agencies in the UK

October 5, 2021

Due to the technological change and the shift to a social media world, it has become vital to effectively communicate with your customers. This has led to a corrosion of the traditional advertising agencies in favour of marketing agencies. 

The positive of this technological evolution is that the UK has been moving at the same speed, being a leading country, thanks to ad firms that have already established long term relationships with the major FMCG brands.

Among more than 250,500 marketing agencies, any company can be reached: full-package, medium class, and small companies. However, the more is not always the better. The key to success is to choose marketing agencies with knowledge of the field and of the market.  

In this article, discover the top 15 marketing agencies in the UK and why you should rely on them.

What is marketing and why do businesses need it?

Marketing is the activity that promotes and sells products or services, as well as advertising and market research. 

Nonetheless, giving a proper definition of what marketing is, is difficult. For instance, the word “advertising” gives the idea of a short video with a sound in the background while two people are driving on an American route. 

But looking deeper into what marketing is, it is clear that it is present in all the steps of a business, from the very beginning till the very end (sometimes even after the sale). Marketing represents all the measures that a business does in order to grab people’s attention to that specific product or service with high-quality content. The long-term objective of marketing is to show the values of the product, consolidate brand loyalty and, eventually, increase sales. 

The aim of marketing is to study consumers’ behaviours, analyse online shopping characteristics, do research, conduct focus groups, and examine how, when, and where the customer needs to convey with the company.

Moreover, marketing is the process that makes people interested in your products or services, after analysis, market research, and understanding your ideal buyer’s interests. Consequently, marketing is involved in any business area, including advertising, sales, product development, and product distribution. 

Nowadays, marketing is defined as “modern”. Indeed, after the 1950s marketers started to use multiple platforms, such as TV and later the Internet, to conduct marketing campaigns, rather than just print media to advertise a product. As a consequence, thanks to the advent and the refinement of new technologies, marketers have become an important part of the success of a product. 

Indeed, the main purpose of marketing is to convert consumers into leads through effective messaging. 

How to do marketing?

Visual of how to do marketing

As mentioned above, one of the tasks of marketing is to conduct market research. One of the main goals is to understand where your customers spend time and based on that, determine the best type of marketing you need, and use the best marketing tools that allow you to reach as many customers as possible. There are numerous kinds of marketing that are applicable today.

  • Influencer marketing: influencers are people (celebrities, employees, content creators) that are used by marketers to get words out on their behalf. This strategy aims to influence potential buyers by driving a message – said by influencers, rather than by a company itself- to the market.
  • Relationship marketing: it refers to the strategy that segments consumers in order to develop loyalty. It consists of analytics and behavioral advertising to target customers and then creates loyalty programs. 
  • Viral marketing: it represents the strategy that encourages and facilitates people to spread a marketing message. It is called viral because the transmission of the message from one person to another works as the transmission of a virus. 
  • Green marketing: it is the marketing related to environmentally safe products. It can also be referred to as the promotion of products in a way that responds to ecological concerns.
  • Keyword marketing: it refers to the marketing that uses specific keywords and phrases to reach users that they are searching. This strategy gives marketers the opportunity to reach, at the right time and with the right message, the right people. 
  • Guerrilla marketing: it is a creative and unconventional strategy with the aim to bring maximum results with minimal resources.
  • Outbound marketing: it refers to contact that the marketer has with the customer through TV, radio, etc, and it is used to leverage preference for that brand and customer awareness. 
  • Inbound marketing: it is when a customer gets in touch with the marketer (and not vice versa as the outbound does) because of the usage of methods that have gained users’ attention. One of the main goals of inbound marketing is to make the company perceive as the solver of a need.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): it is the marketing process that increases visibility in one or more search engines and it is usually made up of two elements. On the one hand, the technical department which deals with the use of proper keywords, codes, links, and it also makes sure that the website is indexed by the main search engines. On the other hand, the marketing area which deals with choosing specific keywords that allow the website to be ranked in the first position of the search engine. 
  • Content marketing: it is the marketing that creates and develops consistent and relevant content in order to attract a clear audience. Usually, marketers use storytelling to create attachment and emotional relationships with the consumer. 

Marketing agencies: the helper of any business

Marketing agencies are companies that provide services related to the 4Ps, the so-called marketing mix: price, place, promotion, and product. They help companies to plan, design, and to execute marketing tasks. Usually, people tend to consider marketing agencies as advertising agencies.

However, as the name suggests, advertising agencies focus only on communicative campaign features such as TV spots or ads, or sometimes even on a more limited field, like digital communication.

Top 15 marketing agencies


Visual of Gripped

Gripped is one of the B2B English marketing agencies that is specialized in increasing lead conversion, helps customers drive traffic, grow pipelines, and close sales. For 17 years, Gripped has gained experience with search engine optimization, paid media, marketing automation, and conversion rate optimization. Their methodology helps companies to reach more customers.

Site Visibility

Visual of Site Visibility

For 18 years now, Site Visibility, a London-based marketing agency, has provided various services, including analytics, social media marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO, PPC, online PR, and display advertising. In their curriculum, they show off jobs for Nivea, Hilton, and UK Power Networks. In addition, they run a popular marketing podcast on iTunes, the so-called Internet Marketing Podcast, and they have founded BrightonSEO, which is the largest SEO conference in Europe. 


Visual of Momentum

Momentum provides services such as development, design, research, and strategy. Their goal is to find the best combination of every marketing tool so that businesses can reach their objectives faster. Looking at their website, companies can see how Momentum works because they have a collection of their previous works with the problem and the solution that they have come up with. This is a very useful perception of the way they work. 


Visual of Directive

Directive helps businesses to expand their audiences thanks to a combination of PPC, paid social, CRO, SEO, and content marketing. In addition, they also propose a free SEO audit, and they can also provide personalized proposals. The agency has worked for important brands such as Allstate, Samsung, and Cisco. Based on their numbers, thanks to their strategies, they are able to increase by 84 per cent inbound leads, by 135 per cent organic traffic, and decrease by 32 per cent the cost per acquisition based on their average customers.


Visual of Gravitywell

Moving outside London, we find Gravitywell that provides a complete digital package, that is everything of what a customer needs, from website to mobile apps, from messenger boots to eCommerce. They help customers to transform into digital without being too pushy. For 18 years now, they combine their strategy with yours, to reduce risks and disruption. 

Blueglass (Resignal)

Visual of Blueglass (Resignal)

Winner of high-profile awards such as the EU Search Award in 2015, 2017, and 2018, Blueglass showed off many collaborations including UPC and Huawei. They offer a multitude of services including SEO, content marketing, WordPress development, social advertising, and paid advertising. 

Don’t Be Shy

Visual of Don't Be Shy

Don’t Be Shy is not like the classic marketing agencies. They use imagination, creativity, and intelligence to provide a range of services such as UX and UI websites, HubSpot, content and campaigns, marketing automation, and insight and strategy. Don’t Be Shy also won many awards such as Agency of the Year at the 2018 Pacific North Awards.

Barrington Johnson Lorains (BJL)

Visual of Barrington Johnson Lorains (BJL)

Based in Manchester, Barrington Johnson Lorains (BJL) solves business problems and comes up with effective and creative ideas in order to drive profits through marketing. The team is composed of 85 people as well as a network of owner-run and managed agencies in 22 companies. This team includes marketing planning teams, strategists, digital specialists, and creatives, able to satisfy every marketing needs.


Visual of Croud

Croud is made up of freelancers and in-house teams that work together to provide content that can engage audiences, SEO, PPC, and paid social services around the world. Croud is one of the biggest independent marketing agencies with 172 in-house staff members and 2,300 experts working for Croud. Their strategy is long-term oriented, transparent, and composed of reports and analysis. 


Visual of Barracuda

Barracuda is one of the oldest independent marketing agencies in London and it was accredited by Google. They offer paid services which include paid social, PPC, YouTube advertising, display and remarketing, and Google Shopping. Regarding the earned part, that is media you influence, they furnish digital PR, outreach, local SEO, and SEO. As for the media you own, that is what you can control, they provide content strategy, management of YouTube channels, and web development. 

Epic New Media

Visual of Epic New Media

Epic New Media is a Liverpool and Manchester-based company specialized in PPC and SEO marketing. They also offer landing page designs, analytics services, CRO, and paid social. They describe their service as composed of four steps: targeting, traffic, tracking, and measure. 


Visual of Ayima

With offices across the world, Ayima is a 19-year-old company that started as a Search Engine. Today, they offer eCommerce services, content marketing, PPC, SEO, performance analytics, and programmatic advertising by using a mix of marketing strategies. In their portfolio, they have customers such as Bwin, Verizon, and M&S.

Distilled (Brainlabs)

Visual of Distilled (Brainlabs)

Distilled provides services such as video marketing, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, consultancy, and organic search. The particularity of this agency is that customers can run Search Engine Optimization split tests so that they can see variations in their site. Distilled also provides a demo if companies want to try before buying.


Visual of Barques

Being one of the leading web design marketing agencies in the UK, Barques is a very SEO-oriented agency. Indeed, they deliver the best results regarding search engine performances thanks to search engine specialists. They have worked or they are working with customers such as Stoford, Apsley House Capital, and Visican.


Visual of Koozai

Winner of numerous awards, Koozai offers owned media (i.e., content marketing and SEO), earned media (i.e., digital PR), and paid media (i.e., paid search and social). Among their customers, they have TUI Travel Plc, Papa Johns, and V&A. 

How to choose marketing agencies?

To put it in a nutshell, marketing agencies must have certain characteristics in order to be chosen.

  • Proven of a track record: do they have any recognized award? Have they delivered consistent results to show you, or do they only promise that they will deliver consistent results?
  • Experience: do they have experience in your exact industry, or do they have experience in general? Experience in general is good to have but sometimes it is even better to have a specific industry experience. 
  • Effective reporting with reliable data: they are supposed to work closely with you. Are they able to provide periodically reports on what they are doing? How will they adjust if they are coming short? If they are delivering, can you get ideas and apply them to other phases of the business?
  • Services: do they have expertise in the area you are looking to progress in?
  • Achievable promises: incredible promises can be made. How will they prove these promises? Which tools and strategies will they use?

How much do marketing agencies cost?

You are convinced to collaborate with marketing agencies but you have no clue how much do they cost? In the UK, marketing agencies cost varies, depending on the project:

  • SEO projects cost around £1500
  • Organic social media costs on average £400 per campaign
  • Paid social media costs around £300 per campaign
  • Content marketing costs around £300 per post
  • PPC costs on average £1000 per project/campaign
  • Website build costs around £5500
  • Marketing strategy costs on average £2500 per project

Match with a marketing agency

Now, you have all the pieces of information you need in order to look for marketing agencies in the UK. Nowadays, it is very important to select the best marketing strategy. However, despite the fact that all the companies mentioned above have remarkable reputations, this does not imply that they are going to be valid for any business or any company. It is a matter of matching: marketing agencies VS your company. Which one fits the best for your company?

For instance, if you are working within a B2B company, you will need B2B marketing agencies. In a B2B setting, marketing is a much longer process that sometimes can last for months and require multiple teams. These are all aspects that a company needs to take care of when moving toward marketing. Moreover, some marketing agencies focus on specific niches. Depending on your business, you should think about whether they can be effective for you.

Further, an index of how the marketing agencies work can be given by its website. A lot of them have a list of their clients displayed on their websites. Thus, having a careful look at their website, their campaigns, and their search engine presence, you get an idea of who they are, how they work, and what they do. 

Obviously, reviews as well can give you a deep insight. The important thing is to verify the validity of the review, meaning that they have been left by customers who actually used the service. Indeed, the usage of independent platforms is extremely suggested because you are not able to verify the validity of the reviews if they are on the marketing agencies’ websites. However, do not get down on yourself if one review has zero stars, you need to consider the reviews as a whole. Lots of marketing customers have unworkable wishes. 

On the whole, there is no doubt that you are going to choose the right agency that fits your goals. There are lots of marketing agencies in the UK that can help you to reach a very good point, especially if you do not have any knowledge in this field.

If you wish to outstand your business, the best marketing agencies can revolutionize your brand. 

How can CONNECTS help you?

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