What is a moderator?

March 30, 2018

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust: this was the rationale in which COBCOE Connects ( was conceived: a business matchmaking platform for members of British chambers anywhere in the world. But, which is the element that guarantees trust at any level within the platform? The figure of the moderator.
The platform is personally moderated at local level by chamber staff, who can also call on the expertise of their own members – an unparalleled hub of local professional knowledge and support creating a unique trusted environment for new entrants to market. Each chamber/network has a dedicated moderator. Although most connections in the platform are automated, the role of the moderator is a key differentiating ingredient to:
• Act as a personal point of contact for all chamber members in the platform – this works in two ways – adding value to the membership offer, plus raising the profile of the chamber with new prospects;
• Assist members in using the platform (creating profiles, doing searches and posting opportunities) and support with match-making and business development opportunities;
• Validate applications for new memberships – maintaining trust in the network and providing opportunities to recruit new members to their own network.
The moderator has real-time access via a personalised dashboard to what is happening on the site, so can make personal contact where necessary as well as monitor activity and report back to the chamber and its members, promoting success stories.
A moderators’ community has been created, which meets online fortnightly to develop ideas and share experience nationally and internationally.

Source: Business Guide to the UK – Legend Business

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