What is a success story?

March 10, 2018

At COBCOE Connects we use different words to describe certain facts or situations involving the platform. In this case, we’d like to describe what we call “Success Story”.

Let’s first define it: “success story” is composed of two words:

– “Success”: is when we achieve what we are pursuing.

– “Story”: the narration of a fact or event that normally has already happened.

So, for “Success Story” we mean a situation in which we eventually get something we were looking for. Applied to the platform, a “Success story” occurs when two different parts (businesses, individuals, chambers) find, through the platform, a counterpart to start a business collaboration.

So, is it necessary to reach a commercial agreement or to finalize a deal to consider there is a success story? No, it is not. COBCOE Connects’ purpose is to provide secure, trusted leads and contacts. There are many aspects outside the platform that can influence whether in fact two companies finally reach a commercial agreement: price of the goods or services, availability, deliverability, etc. Those are aspects that companies need to discuss, but the fact they both got to know each other is, essentially, the goal of COBCOE Connects.

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