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Chambers of Commerce have been a staple of global business for centuries. The first one was established in 1599. They have become a hub for business activities with the aim of furthering the interests of their members.

However, with the rise of digital business, many Chambers of Commerce have struggled to stay relevant and up-to-date with new technologies, meaning members were missing out on crucial business opportunities.

This is why we launched CONNECTS. Our platform combines the best of what Chambers of Commerce have to offer with the online digital experience. Members can access a whole new world of business opportunities, with the safety and trust associated with Chambers of Commerce.

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We believe community is fundamental to a harmonious society. Connections, communication, and openness are crucial to fostering successful relationships. This extends into the business world. Only through trusted communities and networks can we develop strong and healthy partnerships.


Creating global connections is great. This should not come above provenance. A product’s origin tells a story of authenticity, trust, and quality. We respect each Chamber’s background, culture, language, and customs. In so doing, we can better understand the businesses using CONNECTS.


Authenticity is a key component to trust. In business, being authentic means being transparent, genuine, and open. CONNECTS is based upon its connections with Chambers of Commerce. This crucial factor ensures authenticity. It enables business relationships to develop and thrive.


Behind every business, there are individuals with unique needs. We understand individuality is crucial. Our role is to connect businesses by showing them their commonalities, as well as their differences, and demonstrating the advantages of building business relationships.


Our users are entrepreneurial and forward-thinking. So are we! Our work ethic is all about enterprise, always pushing to do better. Throughout our business, we challenge ourselves to innovate, grow, and learn, through open communication and an open mind.

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