Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing for users to grow your business and networks: a tailored approach

Equip your organisation with the Process and Skills and Digital Infrastructure to develop your own Ecosystem competence

    • Strategic Doing Practitioner Training Courses and Masterclasses
    • Using the CONNECTS platform as your digital ecosystem infrastructure, integrated with your own website as a portal

Provide guidance and operational support to your organisation with the development and implementation of your Ecosystem Approach

    • Strategic Doing Fellows as guides and consultants
    • CONNECTS Operational Support Team

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Accepting international payments and Braintree

Visual of payment methods on business matchmaking platform and business and chamber directory


Find below the most asked questions regarding the functionalities

On our page Chambers of Commerce, you can find an overview of all our participating Chamber.

You can sign up for free and enjoy almost every feature inside the platform to build your network and initiate online business development. The free trial has a duration of 1 month and you don’t need any credit card to subscribe.

You are billed once a year, for a total sum of € 299. This amount will automatically be charged upon the start of the next period. You can cancel your subscription plan at any time.

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