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Yes, you can and it’s very easy. Every team member of your company can only have 1 account. Join the platform for free and invite all your colleagues.

Only platform users can invite other companies. At the menu path: Click on Companies > Invite a company.

Here you can select the country and type the name, email address and a customised invitation message. Once you have invited an external company your invitation will be forwarded to your moderator. After the moderator has conducted a due diligence check and approved your invitation, it will be sent to the external company. If for any reason a moderator rejects your invitation, you will receive a notification and you may contact your moderator for further information.

Moderators are employed by Chambers of Commerce and they are your first point of contact on the platform. A moderator can introduce you to other chambers and companies. They can also provide you guidance on how to find new leads and use the platform.

If you’re already a platform user, you can find all Chamber moderators on CONNECTS.

If you are a member of a participating Chamber of Commerce the platform is completely free! If not, you can start your free trial and join a participating Chamber online. The standard membership costs € 100/ year.

A network is a Chamber of Commerce. All members of participating Chambers can access the platform for free and get help from their local moderator for online business development.

You can sign-up and enjoy a 30 days free trial, or request an invitation from one of our networks.

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