An introduction to the world of ecosystem creation

May 13, 2024

In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, the need to address social, economic and environmental challenges effectively has become essential. The goal is to discover how to build sustainable and resilient ecosystems that drive innovation and sustainable development. 

An ecosystem in the business world of today encompasses working with a group formed for the purposes of addressing specific needs. It is a network of organisations including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors and government agencies, among others, that are involved in the delivery of a specific product or service. In this ecosystem, each entity has an impact on the others and is also affected by them. This creates a constantly evolving relationship where each entity must be flexible and adaptable to survive, similar to how a biological ecosystem functions.

This requires defining a compelling vision to help inspire stakeholders to build an approach, then identifying each stakeholder in the ecosystem and matching available resources to clearly defined goals and creating an action plan with defined roles. 

With this in mind, each participant in the ecosystem, whether they are governments, companies and organisations or other associations will have to collaborate with each other, creating safe spaces for dialogue and networking to generate ideas. The use of monitoring, follow-up and evaluation tools will follow, an important step in using this learning and adapting according to the results. 

Strategic Doing is a methodology designed to address complex problems and foster collaboration between different actors. It focuses on rapid, iterative, results-based action to achieve shared goals in uncertain environments.

By combining the ecosystem approach with the Strategic Doing vision, we can build collaborative, flexible and action-focused approaches to address social, economic and environmental challenges. Through effective collaboration and a focus on a shared vision, we can develop sustainable ecosystems to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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