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Welcome Belgium and Luxemburg Chamber in Morocco

Blog January 17, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Belgium and Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco has joined be.connected. The moderator of this new network is Hicham Jaid. The Belgium and Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco has more than 93 years’ experience in supporting member companies, developing their business, expanding their network and increasing their visibility in […]

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Digitisation, an essential step By Géry Brusselmans

Blog December 12, 2018

At the heart of management meetings, digitalization divides. The majority of Brussels companies already have a foothold in the digital world, but not completely. This is due in particular to the cost and lack of human resources. Digitalization. The term is so widely used that it is sometimes difficult to understand what we are talking […]

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Our members speak… Leila Lunguleac from Arelance

Blog December 10, 2018

Welcome to our new blog section: Member’s Interview! In this section, we will be able to discover more about the ways companies find themselves on COBCOE Connects and, particularly, about their successes on the platform. Today we interview Leila Lunguleac from Arelance, which is located in Malaga Spain. Arelance puts offer a team of experts in […]

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The TIAO Score? Building Trust Through Participation

Blog August 30, 2018

TIAO is the company behind the COBCOE Connects and other branded versions of the platform such as ‘be.connected’ for Belgian Chambers of Commerce. The big difference between the TIAO platform and other digital platforms is that it is a decentralised moderated platform based on ‘trust-by-design’ through its collaboration with chambers of commerce around the world. The name […]

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Partner in IT Consultancy and Software Development: successful match

Blog August 11, 2018

R&D Solutions found the business enablement platform CONNECTS via the BBBA weekly newsletter. They signed up and uploaded two opportunities. One of them was that they were Amazon Web Services Cloud Consulting Partner and AWS Solution Provider, and the other opportunity – that they were looking for partners in the field of IT consultancy and […]

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TIAO: a case study for Berenschot trainees

Blog April 23, 2018

Berenschot, one of the top consultancy firms in the Netherlands, organizes every year, as part of its trainee programme, a one-day event in Brussels in which the newcomers visit the Berenschot offices in Belgium, located in Brussels. This day has clearly two goals: to explain to the trainees the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Belgium […]

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NKVK joins be.connected

Blog April 17, 2018

Our second umbrella, be.connected, announces today the launch of its second network: De Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel voor België en Luxemburg (Dutch Chamber of Commerce for Belgium & Luxembourg) is joining the platform. From today, its members will have access to dozens of business opportunities posted on the platform, to more than 5300 companies from […]

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What is a moderator?

Blog March 30, 2018

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust: this was the rationale in which COBCOE Connects ( was conceived: a business matchmaking platform for members of British chambers anywhere in the world. But, which is the element that guarantees trust at any level within the platform? The figure of the moderator. […]

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What is a success story?

Blog March 10, 2018

At COBCOE Connects we use different words to describe certain facts or situations involving the platform. In this case, we’d like to describe what we call “Success Story”. Let’s first define it: “success story” is composed of two words: – “Success”: is when we achieve what we are pursuing. – “Story”: the narration of a […]

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