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TIAO: a case study for Berenschot trainees

Blog April 23, 2018

Berenschot, one of the top consultancy firms in the Netherlands, organizes every year, as part of its trainee programme, a one-day event in Brussels in which the newcomers visit the Berenschot offices in Belgium, located in Brussels. This day has clearly two goals: to explain to the trainees the cultural differences between the Netherlands and Belgium […]

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The Scottish Chambers of Commerce join COBCOE Connects

Blog April 19, 2018

COBCOE Connects keeps growing! Today we are announcing the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, with 26 member chambers, are joining COBCOE Connects. The umbrella organization, the premier voice for business at national and international level, represents more than 11.000 companies all around Scotland. The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce will become the first chamber to join and […]

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NKVK joins be.connected

Blog April 17, 2018

Our second umbrella, be.connected, announces today the launch of its second network: De Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel voor België en Luxemburg (Dutch Chamber of Commerce for Belgium & Luxembourg) is joining the platform. From today, its members will have access to dozens of business opportunities posted on the platform, to more than 5300 companies from […]

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What is a moderator?

Blog March 30, 2018

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust: this was the rationale in which COBCOE Connects ( was conceived: a business matchmaking platform for members of British chambers anywhere in the world. But, which is the element that guarantees trust at any level within the platform? The figure of the moderator. […]

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What is a success story?

Blog March 10, 2018

At COBCOE Connects we use different words to describe certain facts or situations involving the platform. In this case, we’d like to describe what we call “Success Story”. Let’s first define it: “success story” is composed of two words: – “Success”: is when we achieve what we are pursuing. – “Story”: the narration of a […]

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Discover the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI)

Blog February 7, 2018

The official launch of COBCOE Connects at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI) has taken place this morning, during the SME breakfast organized by the chamber in Paris. The event was hosted by Catherine Le Yaouanc, general manager of the chamber and moderator for COBCOE Connects, with a demonstration presentation by Nicolas Mathieu, […]

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First steps on TIAO developed platform

Blog February 2, 2018

Welcome to Business Matchmaking Platform! Fill your personal and company profile, so that other members easily find you on the search engine. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for other members to find you and start developing business opportunities. Post your first opportunity. “Opportunity” allows you to promote your products or services […]

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Introducing TIAO platform

Blog October 28, 2017

What is TIAO platform? We believe that trust is the most important part of every business relationship. Our platform is an online service to help companies to grow their businesses through easy access to contacts in new markets. The platform is: A simple way to new opportunities Moderated by local experts Known and trusted international […]

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