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The 3 most Essential Belgian Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce October 1, 2020

How can a Chamber of Commerce help you? Chambers of Commerce generally offer the following services: Documentation on economic and business matters Information on trading activities and regulations Details on market opportunities Customs regulations Training days, seminars, and conferences Trade missions   Depending on the size of the chamber of commerce, they can also offer […]

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Companies in Colombia Are Doing Business and Prospering

Successful Connections September 29, 2020

The Colombian Business Opportunity KORE Group, a Colombian company, posted an opportunity offering computer rentals for corporates. Telemarcar, another Colombian company immediately showed interest and initiated a discussion in view of a potential future partnership. KORE Group  KORE Group is a youth company based in Colombia that is dedicated to consulting, marketing and implementation of […]

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Outsourcing: How to Boost your Business Resilience in 1 Step

Business Articles September 24, 2020

In times of crisis, highly resilient businesses are much more likely to survive. One way you can improve your business resilience is by outsourcing. In this article, we will explore: What business resilience is Why it matters How outsourcing can boost business resilience The pros and cons of outsourcing Top 12 outsourcing companies How to […]

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Voka and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Members Are Doing Fantastic Business

Successful Connections September 22, 2020

CONNECTS Successful Connection Recently, Xedis, an expert management consulting company based in Belgium, posted an opportunity on CONNECTS. The company was looking for businesses wanting to translate their business strategy into an IT strategy.  The Company Connector Ltd., a UK-based consultancy company, reached out to Xedis to collaborate on their project. Xedis Xedis is a […]

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Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and CONNECTS, a Strong Partnership since 2017

Chambers of Commerce September 17, 2020

Established in 1924 the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce is a privately run membership organisation. It opens doors for local businesses and organisations of all types and size by helping them to grow their profile and connect with other businesses locally, nationally and globally. Management Team Hertfordshire Chamber is managed by a Board of Directors. Chairman: […]

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Members of CCI Wallonie and Voka Are Doing Great Business, What About You?

Successful Connections September 15, 2020

Business Success Story Two Belgian companies have started a fantastic partnership thanks to the moderator of CCI Wallonie, Ben Deelers, and the moderator of VOKA West Vlaanderen, Daphne Renier. Ben and Daphne exchanged details regarding the company Russo, a member of CCI Wallonie, and the company Renson, a member of VOKA West Vlaanderen. Following this, […]

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BECI: Boost Your Business in Brussels

Chambers of Commerce September 10, 2020

If you are doing business in Brussels, you might have heard of BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry). BECI is the Chamber of Commerce in Brussels which helps entrepreneurs with their business needs. They are a valuable source of expertise, support and knowledge. In this article, we will explore more about BECI, who the top […]

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CONNECTS Successful Connection – BECI and Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce Members

Successful Connections September 8, 2020

CONNECTS Opportunity A Belgian business advisory company posted an opportunity offering its help to SMEs in finding business management solutions.  Pearly Bleuwaters International Ltd, a Nigerian company, responded to the opportunity posted by the advisory company in the hope of a future collaboration. The opportunity was posted on CONNECTS in December 2019. The Belgian advisory […]

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The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium: 100 Years Supporting Amazing Businesses

Chambers of Commerce September 3, 2020

Who they are The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is a not-for-profit serving its members by facilitating business in Belgium and engaging with the European Union and its decision making. The chamber has been serving the international business community for over 100 years. They are committed to the long term, continuing to be the […]

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