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Job Description (Full-Stack Web Developer PHP)

TIAO SA/NV, brings CONNECTS to the global business community, a digital matchmaking and community management platform. 

Our development team (4FTE) is looking for a Full-Stack Web Developer PHP to strengthen the front and back-end development team starting asap.

The CONNECTS platform currently offers more than 100 million identifiable companies, our clients are based in 80 different countries and generate on average 5.000 business queries per month. Networking and community management features, enable information sharing and capacity building, bringing stakeholders from around the globe together around topics that matter to them.

It is in our DNA to actively seek for innovative solutions, to embrace critical questions and to continuously improve. We strongly believe in building trust based on delivery of results, transparency and accountability, hence our company name TIAO, Trust Is An Outcome.

The skills we are looking for to support the scaling up of our project:

  • Preferably experience with Symfony
  • Advanced skills in PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • Experience with TWIG, Bootstrap, jQuery and/or Linux is plus
  • Good understanding of the impact of dependencies and a strong interest for Privacy by Design

We would welcome at least 2-5 years of experience, but your professional potential is what matters most to us!

Homeworking is possible, our working languages are English and French.

Our offices are located at Avenue des Saisons/Jaargetijdenlaan 118a, 1050 Brussels.

For more information, contact Hanneke de Visser, tel +32 (0)479 23.94.90 or hanneke.devisser@tiao.world. 

1000+ live business opportunities in CONNECTS & NEW champion Camara de Comercio de Barranquilla!

Happy to announce that since the start of this month we have reached more than 1000 business opportunities live in our business matchmaking platform! Currently, there are almost 1050 “buy”, “sell” and “connect with” opportunities visible for all CONNECTS users and waiting for a business match. Our platform hosts 39 Chambers of Commerce from 30 different countries, with more than 22k+ users and has an average of 5000 monthly searches. For the Chamber members, this is an opportunity to transform digitally its operations with access to key business services online. Congratulations also to Camara de Comercio de Barranquilla for being the new Champion in the B2B Business Matchmaking Platform! In May 2020, the Camara de Comercio Barranquilla managed to achieve 114 invitations through the platform, increasing their active memberships to 565 users, posted 115 business opportunities with 4633 views from all around the world CONNECTS users. With these magnificent stats, they beat the former platform champions BECI (Brussels Entreprises Commerce And Industry) with 552 active memberships and 2658 views on posted business opportunities last month). The Chamber of commerce is located in the cosmopolitan city of Barranquilla in Colombia. Rapid urban growth and economic development have transformed the region into a tourism hub and an active business community. The Chamber’s main missions are firstly to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Colombia. Secondly, safeguarding business interests and sharing business experiences and business interests. Other activities such as contact with governments, civil society, local media & press, and organising trade shows and/or events are also important services. The Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce provides its services to over 72,000 companies that operate in northern Colombia and is tasked with fielding thousands of registry-related requests annually. To help support the area’s dynamic development, the Chamber is a participating member of CONNECTS. The SaaS platform is helping Chambers of commerce providing business matchmaking solutions to their members and communities. More info about the Chamber here. Members of a Chamber of Commerce are usually international and local operating companies, such as lawyers, property developers, tourism companies, airlines, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, banks, finance companies, legal advisors, IT and electronics manufacturers etc. Are you an entrepreneur wanting to discover and develop new opportunities, both locally and internationally? Join our Business Matchmaking Platform and start your free trial. Already a member of a participating chamber? Join our Business Matchmaking Platform for free. Want to learn more about CONNECTS? Find us on Google maps! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a demo

Join the CONNECTS webinars!

The current crisis forces us to work from home and advises social distancing. For entrepreneurs and their businesses, this is very complicated and challenging no matter where you are. How can you do business, without social contact? The answer seems very simple: use an adequate social network service. However, it’s not easy to find the right service and channel for your needs. To find the right business channel and community involves lots of efforts (time, energy and financial resources). Plus, when doing business the most important factor is trust. You need to be able to trust your business partner.

CONNECTS can help SMEs anywhere in the world to find businesses communities they can trust. Our digital matchmaking platform allows entrepreneurs to explore worldwide business opportunities in a safe environment, and therefore preserve business continuity. We provide instant access to trustworthy leads, potential customers, suppliers, skills and partnerships. The digital platform is about ‘trust’, ‘global reach’, ‘ease of use’ as well as cost-efficiency. By working with Chambers of Commerce, we can guarantee that all users of CONNECTS are approved and known members of local Chambers. By joining our business matchmaking platform Chambers provide: 

– TRUST: Every company active on CONNECTS is hosted by a local chamber of commerce that knows their members and makes sure newcomers meet their standards.

– SUPPORT: Every user on CONNECTS has direct access to staff members from all participating chambers who can provide specific, local knowledge and background information about their members on the platform.

– PERSONAL BUSINESS INTRODUCTIONS: Online and in real life, it is getting more difficult to get people to respond to your call. On CONNECTS chamber staff members can provide rapidly warm and personal introductions to any company you may wish to contact.

To help our current members, we frequently organize webinars. The purpose is to help them in their struggles, explain platform updates and give advice on how to use CONNECTS best way possible. Our goal is to make our member’s user experience successful. Read our latest success stories and let us inspire you to join us.

Not yet a member of CONNECTS? If you’re a Chamber book your demo here! If you’re an entrepreneur contact communications@connects.world for more information and participate in the next webinar.

20K+ members on CONNECTS!

Another milestone has been reached @CONNECTS! More than 20.000 members from Chambers of Commerce in 28 different countries around the world can now be contacted directly in our global business matchmaking platform. All CONNECTS users have instant access to trusted local and global business opportunities. With the rise of the “platform economy”, traditional linear business models are under pressure. It’s no longer about creating value by selling products and services on a one-to-one basis. The future value creation happens in online networks. Missing the train can be a reality and thus “acceptable”, but ignoring reality would be foolish. Therefore thank you for your support, but more important congratulations to our members for your quick understanding and adaptation skills. Looking forward to hitting the next major Milestone with your support!

Not a member yet? Sign up for free here!


Hello everyone!

My name is Sami and I have recently joined the TIAO team as a Backend developer.

I am a part of the “Generation Y” and passionate about new technologies and proud to be part of TIAO World.

As a backend developer, I work in collaboration with the Designer team, my role is to develop all the new features that the website need to be efficient regarding the users’ need and improve the previous functionalities.

Talking French and English as Human languages and Python, Php, SQL, Javascript as Programming languages since 2015.

In my free time, I love going out for discovering some new vegetarian restaurant.

Thank you all, for your amazing welcome!


Hello everyone!

My name is Sebastien Seghers and I recently joined the awesome TIAO team.

I’m proud to be part of the development of CONNECTS. As a designer, my job is to study users as well as their behaviour when surfing on the platform to find and fix all the problems they encounter. I’m also working on the user interface to create new visual designs. My ambition is to become a great lead designer and help creating incredible visual universes.

I have studied web design at Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard for 3 years. I did an internship back in 2018 where I learned most of my skills, from UX/UI to development and graphic designs. I travelled to many different places to learn English and other languages.

Starting at TIAO is a unique opportunity to work on a wonderful project full of ambitions.

In my free time, I like to draw, create online content, improve my skills and learn Spanish!

Thank you all for the incredible welcome!


Hello everyone!

I am Gabriele Virga and I have recently joined the TIAO team as a Web developer.

Working on a website that offers an international trading service, with new members every day, new changes every month and with a team as passionate as the TIAO team is quite a great surprise and motivates me to improve the website as much as possible. My goals are to add as many functionalities as possible aligned with the requests of the members. Solving challenging technical problems, becoming a better developer and learning every day are the key points that made me interested in TIAO.

Talking 3 different languages, French, Italian and English, I decided to learn programming languages like Php and Ruby. I have studied computer science at Ecole 19 and BeCode, learned a lot by myself and had some working experience at Le Wagon.

In my spare time, I have a great time playing videogames and watching movies/series.

Thank you all for your warm welcome!


Hello everyone!

My name is David Colantuono and I have recently joined the TIAO team!

I’m really looking forward to this opportunity: international trade is an exciting and dynamic business where continuous learning and progress are key elements to prosper. Joining the team as Digital Marketing Executive, my goals are to promote and grow the #CONNECTS.world brand and assist in user engagement. It’s probably said before and may sound cliché (or not), but I can’t wait to make my contribution to the team!

I have studied marketing first and then business management at the university in Brussels. I have first work experience in marketing managing awareness, acquisition, and activation for a startup with a social impact. Analyzing data & customer journey/behaviour, online and offline design, (social media) advertising, creating & maintaining relationships and organizing both internal & external events were my responsibilities.

In my spare time, I love watching movies, callisthenics (and by the way eating good food- which is not a great match), and travelling & discovering new cultures. I take every chance to discover new places, new cities and also new ways of working. I definitely believe in the “work hard, play hard” formula!

At TIAO I’m working with very experienced colleagues and intelligent thinkers, being around them allows me to learn on a daily basis.

Thank you all for your warm welcome!

#BusinessWithoutBarriers #TrustIsAnOutcome #TIAO

CONNECTS team participated in Dutch and Belgian Trade Day: Growth opportunities in Belgium for Dutch B2B entrepreneurs

CONNECTS team joined Dutch and Belgian Trade Day on December 10th. Nowhere else in Europe is e-commerce growing as fast as in Belgium, with an increase of more than 12.5% per year. By 2020, B2B e-commerce sales are expected to be twice as high as B2C e-commerce sales. More and more Dutch companies are also realising that Belgian B2B is a very important market. But how do you approach this market where the cultural and linguistic differences are great? Just copying your Dutch online strategy to Belgium is a misconception, it really requires a different approach.

Digital agency Intracto organised the event for Dutch entrepreneurs to understand Belgian market: cultural differences between Belgium and the Netherlands, online advertising for the market.


Welcome new TIAO team member aboard – Beatriz Barrio

Hello everyone!

My name is Beatriz Barrio. I have just joined the TIAO team.

I am really excited about this opportunity. TIAO is a very innovative business that has a lot to do with my background in International Trade and Business Development. I can’t wait to make my contribution to the team.

I have a background both in Law and International Business Management. I love being part of international fast-paced environments. Throughout these years I have gained experience working and living in several countries, and the most life-changing ones were Brazil and China. I am particularly interested in International Trade and International Business Development.

I love getting out of my comfort zone and challenging myself by learning and discovering new things like a new language, sports, and traveling.

Thank you all for your warm welcome. I appreciate this opportunity and I look forward to working with all of you.