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Identifying Needs and converting them into Opportunities

September 16, 2019

We continue to present participants’ views about 2nd TIAO workshop panel discussion. This time Corporate Account Manager at the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania – Kristina Baumann and Programmes and Trade Desk Officer at Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce – Taiwo Lawal share their thoughts on identifying member needs and converting them into opportunities.


Visual of Kristina Baumann, Corporate Account Manager at British Chamber of Commerce in LithuaniaKristina Baumann | Corporate Account Manager at British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania

“Identifying Member Needs and converting them into Opportunities is a great topic for members finding the direct access to new markets as the platform itself grows its global reach.

But sometimes the Moderator has to help its Members in determining the prospects and helping to present them – we can’t even understand the flexibility of the CONNECTS opportunity – it’s beyond our marketing minds!  

The platform offers us to use it as a tool to support the delivery of our priorities, especially in the commercial business enquiries field.  The Internet age may have streamlined much of the process, but professional networking still requires effort – this is why we are all going to the TIAO Strategy and Implementation Workshop – to exchange our views, make connections, and to get all the educational and networking opportunities!. “


Taiwo Lawal | Trade Desk Officer at Nigerian British Chamber of CommerceVisual of Taiwo Lawal, Trade Desk Officer at Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce

“We periodically conduct membership needs survey to assess how we can effectively serve and offer value to members. We also guide members in creating and searching for opportunities on CONNECTS and in some cases we match companies to the opportunities posted by other moderators.                                                                                              

The workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn from the experiences, challenges and success stories of other Chambers on the CONNECTS.”

The second TIAO strategy workshop will be held this year on 26 & 27 of September at the historic Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe. Founders of TIAO launched the CONNECTS platform with a mission to digitalise and interconnect all Chambers of Commerce in the world. Currently, there are 27 Chambers of Commerce from 23 different countries on this business matchmaking platform.

The purpose of this workshop is to position Chambers as the Gateway to Business Development for the 21st century entrepreneur. The workshop will also feature practical measures to support Chamber moderators in fully leveraging the CONNECTS platform to serve their members and working better together as an international Chamber network. Last, but not least to engage and motivate all workshop participants (more than 40 confirmed) from across the globe by connecting with and learning from each other.

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