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Es ist offiziell, CONNECTS auch in deutsch!

January 31, 2020

Hello dear Chambers, Moderators, connectors and readers! CONNECTS has great news to share with you at the end of this great week, and yes this new feature makes this week, definitely a great week! I’m absolutely not going to write a whole post in German, but with the title of this blog post in German, you probably have an idea what this is about.

Our technical team have given- like always- their very best to implement the German language the best way possible to our platform CONNECTS. Now all opportunities are available in English, French, Spanish und auch in Deutsch! You can “sell”,” buy” or “connect with” in German without any issues. I’ll repeat myself saying that 2020 started with a bang (new team members on board and AWCCI joining CONNECTS), but maybe that will be a (good) habit for CONNECTS as the future sounds bright for our company and brand. Our ambition is to accommodate trusted business opportunities all over the world, by integrating completely the German language in our platform we’re one step closer to fulfil our mission.

Very proud working at TIAO with an ambitious and skilful team!

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