The role of renewable energies in the energy transition

May 13, 2024

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During the last few years we have seen that renewable energies are playing an increasingly important role. There is a growing concern for the environment and the quest to reduce CO2 emissions. This has been accentuated by the increasing scarcity of primary fuel sources, especially related to oil after the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, which has made gaining independence from Russia one of the main objectives of the scenario

Types of energy

For this reason, new renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly present and are positioned as a possible alternative source to fossil fuels. At present, the most important are wind energy, which comes from wind, and photovoltaic, which is based on the use of solar radiation. However, other sources of energy that are among the main sources of renewable energy are hydropower, driven by the force of water through rivers or freshwater streams, biomass, obtained from organic matter, and sourced from the high temperatures contained in the earth’s core.

UE objectives

Currently 20% of our energy supply is renewable, which is twice as much as in 2004, but still a figure to be increased. The EU plans for renewable energy sources to provide 32% of our energy, although it has recently been stated that this figure is to be increased to 45%. This will also include a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the implementation of renewable energy projects. 


Another of the measures being promoted is the transformation of the automobile market. By 2035, fuel cars and hybrids will no longer be allowed, and all cars sold from that year onwards will no longer be allowed to emit pollutants into the atmosphere. In addition, for small households and small businesses, the EU’s Social Climate Fund aims to reduce energy taxes and charges, as well as to promote the creation of urban spaces that are more respectful of new forms of consumption.

Invitation to our event

In conclusion, we could say that recent events have been the incentive for more and more sustainable and clean energy development. Connects is organising a series of webinars that aim to achieve the EU’s ambitious green transition goals. On the 20th of December we will organise an event that will focus on environmental issues with speakers who are experts in the field, so we invite you to attend!

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